Man arrested for defacing TV at Sears

 Media News A 7 9 A79528Ef-1Da6-42Fb-A4E6-C3C6160Af2F2 Story This Cincinnati gentleman was charged with criminal damaging after taking a permanent marker to a $1600 plasma TV at Sears. According to WCPO, Jordan Puckett, 20, was caught on surveillance video drawing a one foot penis on the screen. "A motive is not yet know."

Man's Alleged Organ Artistry On TV Brings Charge (Thanks, Tara McGinley!)


  1. My children scrawled on my 22″ flat-panel monitor with a Sharpie a couple of years or so ago only a week after I bought it. Needless to say, I was livid. That said, a little rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball took it right off.

  2. It’s just like all the Spore penis monsters. I don’t get it, why do some men create penis imagery? They are obsessed with their own penis? They are insecure about their own penis? They are gay and love penises? A penis, representing their own penis, marks their territory?

    I’m a guy (ok it’s the Internet, who knows besides me), and I have never understood this.

  3. My children scrawled on my 22″ flat-panel monitor with a Sharpie a couple of years or so ago only a week after I bought it. Needless to say, I was livid. That said, a little rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball took it right off.

    You were livid before you realized it could be removed?

    I’ll wager your kids learned a lesson you didn’t intend that day.

    Seth: When I was a little kid, I kinda had this problem. And it’s not even that big of a deal, something like 8 percent of kids do it. For some reason, I don’t know why. I would just kinda… sit around all day… and draw pictures of dicks.

  4. Wood alcohol (the kind you get for thinning shellac) works even better for removing marker. Maybe it’s because most rubbing alcohol has too much water in it, but could also be the difference in the alcohol itself. So assuming you know about that, “permanent marker” sounds kindof hyperbolic, just what you’d expect from marketing.

  5. I hope it won’t come off the screen with a little alcohol. . . then they should force him to pay for it, BUT he gets to keep it and watch all his programming with the penis drawing constantly in the way.

  6. I’ve always read warnings that alcohol of any sort will remove the anti-glare coating commonly now found on screens and optics.

    Also if he was using sanford MAGNUM marker, Xylene is the desired solvent.

  7. I believe that plasma TVs have glass faces and thus there are more options for cleaning. Rubbing alcohol should do it, acetone definitely would.

    If it were an LCD TV, the front surface is plastic and I’d definitely consult the owner’s manual first. Some solvents may eat the plastic.

    I work with laser optics and we commonly clean fancy coated lenses with ethanol or acetone. The key is to use the proper lens-cleaning paper and to use a VERY light touch. Scrubbing can wreck coatings.

  8. Ebay Listing #34567

    Sony 42″ Plasma TV
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  9. Motive?

    Now from his pocket quick he flashes, his crayon on the wall he slashes: Deep upon the advertising, a single word only comprising four letters.

    And his heart is laughing, screaming, pounding, and the poem across the tracks rebounding. Shadowed by the exit light, his legs take their ascending flight, to seek the breast of darkness and be suckled by the night.

    — Paul Simon, “A Poem on the Underground Wall”

  10. Why? Because cartoon knobs, particularly with dotted lines coming from the end, are inherently funny. See Viz Comic’s recent run of defacement competitions, wherein readers are invited to deface innocent photographic images with thinks bubbles, absurd cartoon dicks and tits, in the manner of kids at school with textbooks, over here anyway.

  11. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the slideshow doesn’t have a pic of the tv. Great mug shot, though.

  12. I’m surprised so many people immediately thought it was a juvenile act… I think he just realized that noone would realistically spend $1600 on a TV without also getting a foot-long penis, one way or another.

  13. @ #20 @ #10 “Wood alcohol…”


    Should I attempt to make an “Enough alcohol will remove the wood from any penis” joke?

    No, I don’t think so.

    I love the guy’s expression in his mugshot. He looks really surprised to me, as though he’s just as surprised as they are that he did this.

  14. Upon further questioning suspect finally admitted that he did it “for teh lulz”[sic] after realizing what this meant, the judge ordered summary excecution without a trial. Friends and neighbors made a public statement hours later in which they asserted that “nothing of value was lost”

    More news after these messages…

  15. Totally for the lulz.

    I know quite a few people that will doodle dicks for no real reason. One of my friends carries window chalk around just to do that.

  16. He might have Tourette’s syndrome or some other inhibitory problem. My twelve year old son has Tourette’s and had a problem towards the end of the school year with drawing penises (penii?) on the walls and doors at his school along with obscene words.

  17. i love drawing penises. i’m not gay or antisocial or particularly weird in any noticeable way. i’m even working toward phd at the moment. but drawing dicks is incredibly funny to me.

    years ago i used to play online pictionary and just draw dicks until i was banned from every game. i never laugh so hard when i’m by myself drawing penises for the masses.

    i spraypaint giant dicks on the side of the wal*mart all the time, too.

    if somebody passed out in the dorms, i was always there with a marker, ready to draw dicks all over their body. i even drew a dick on someone’s dick once!

    the lulz! i has them!

  18. Now he’s probably thinking (with apologies to the late Koko Taylor) “That dang wang doodle!”

  19. God bless him!! He wanted to see a television program about penises, and none of the networks had one, so he made his own!

    (If you did that on a computer screen, would that be a screen-saver. . . errrr. . . “screen-f#cker?”)

  20. I was about to say that I’ve always been very careful not to draw obsenities, then I remembered:

    Every year, the art department took a field trip to the zoo. One year I was buddying up with Klammer, another artist. One of the first things we saw was a zebra, with an amazingly long dong. Every animal we drew was based on that- short legs and toothy snout for the gator, fat for the hippo, long for a snake, winged for the birds, and so on. “Is this supposed to be funny?!” Our ribs ached from laughing, so, yeah, it was pretty dang funny.

  21. Zuzu @7, I knew guys in college who did it. And the guy pictured in the news story doesn’t look like a little kid either.

    Me, I would sit around and draw pictures of spaceships and monsters. (As a little kid. Also, in college.)

  22. If I was a judge, I’d order him to draw a penis on his forehead every morning and wear it all day for a year.
    Good thing I’m not a judge, eh?

  23. I accidently smudged some finger grease on my 46″ LCD. Its still there since I don’t have a microfiber cloth. Its no permanent marker of a one-foot penis…but it still annoys me.

  24. First, let me say, to all who have commented on how to remove the marker, albeit rubbing alcohol or whatever else, WHO CARES!

    No one is worried about how to fix the TV.(Insurance will cover the cost) As for the insecure poor fool who did it, well, clearly he has very low self esteem, probably needed to impress someone if not himself, has led a life of torment on the school yard and very little attention given to him at home. Generally, when people act out this way, they’re seeking love, same goes for Car Key Scratchers and the like. You want to throttle them, but believe me, your life is way brighter than theirs, and sadly enough, these guys end up cuffed, charged, torn and lonely within the cold dampness of cinder block, striped, swill on the palate and shackles on the feet.

    Moral is: Praise people more and pick on them less! Who knows, in 100 years we just might do away with Department Store TV slashers.

  25. Zinc Orange,
    I quite agree with your moral, and I’m not much into punishment, but kids gotta believe that there are consequences when they do something destructive. I see no real reason to believe that poor Mr. Puckett has been depraved in any way- most guys (and some girls) go thru a period where they find wanton destruction to be humorous. Maybe he was never punished growing up. So is it his fault? Yes. He’s old enough. If he hasn’t learned yet, it’s high time he did.
    Book him, Danno.

  26. Cincinnati seems to have a higher than normal incidence of people like this. Yes, I live in Cincy…

  27. he is not from cincinnati. i know him, he just thought it would be funny. immature? yes, but i bet he still is laughing about it.

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