Nintendo DS glucose reader plugin for kids with diabetes

Tim sez, "This is the pre-launch page for the Bayer 'Didget', a blood glucose meter which plugs in to the DS / DS Lite's Slot-2. Consistent glucose testing by the diabetic child (or adult, presumably) is rewarded with points in a game that can be used to buy items or unlock levels. As with the the 'iPlayer' hardware video decoder for the DS which Cory recently posted, the downside is that the new DSi doesn't have a Slot-2.
Bayer's DIDGET meter was developed in conjunction with Paul Wessel -- the parent of a child with type 1 diabetes. Paul noticed that although his son Luke was constantly losing his blood glucose meter, he could always find his Nintendo Game Boy. It was this observation that inspired Paul and Bayer to work together to develop the first and only blood glucose meter that connects to the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite gaming systems to reward children for good testing habits.
Bayer's DIDGET Blood Glucose Meter (Thanks, Tim!)


  1. Hm, I think that a visit to eBay is in order to pick up a DS Lite after this comes out. Love the DSi, but if they keep building add-ons for the Slot-2, then may need a backup plan.

    1. The screen is because it can be used independently as a blood glucose monitor without needing the DS :)

  2. I think this is a great idea! My son, also named Luke, has Type I as well. This will not only encourage kids to check regularly, but also teach them to be more independent in managing their diabetes.

    @Matt of Doom: I imagine it has its own screen so that it can be used both in conjunction with the DS and independently. I can imagine the stink if some kid pulls out his DS during class at school and having to argue with a teacher he’s really checking his blood sugar.

  3. It will take more than this to make firing a lancet into a finger seen like fun to a kid. The inventor who figures out how to measure BG wo poking a finger will win the big prize.

  4. This is pretty cool, but I wish they put as much effort into actually eradicating diabetes as they do developing new techniques and tools to manage it. (My wife is diabetic, FWIW.)

  5. @ Anonymous #8: You seem to be falling into the (contrafactual) assumption that people’s efforts are perfectly, or even reasonably, fungible.

    The mixture of electrical engineering, firmware programming, and product design that went into this device would be completely useless in a biology lab working on insulin absorption, or pancreatic cells, or whatever.

  6. Response to #6 posted by Roy Trumbull.
    There are 2 Glucose Meters on the market that are “alternate site” testers. In the 8 years of being an adult with Type 1 diabetes, my fingers have only been pricked by the medical professionals! I use the outer edge of my hand and my forearm. Other areas are available, just not my choice. Usually no pain at all!

  7. “As with the the ‘iPlayer’ hardware video decoder for the DS which Cory recently posted, the downside is that the new DSi doesn’t have a Slot-2.”

    Minor quibble: The iPlayer does NOT use the Slot-2. It goes in the smaller Slot-1 that all 3 DS incarnations have.

  8. Anything that makes it easier for a kid with Type 1 diabetes to get through the day is a good thing. Good for Bayer for coming out with a product that isn’t aimed at 70-year-old overweight Type 2 diabetics.

    #6 Turnbull, there is a great, painless (but pricey) lancing device available, called the Pelikan Sun. You can read about it on Boing Boing Gadgets:

  9. I don’t know. While i see how this could be practical, would I trust my blood checks to my video game system? In this case, I don’t think the combination game system / blood monitor is appropriate.

  10. My daughter loves the Didget. Do you know if there is also a program that can be loaded into the DS that will allow charting of her bg numbers? She is using a calender now and only so many things can fit in a little girls purse. Since she is already playing the DS and Didget it would be cool to have a charting page just like the notebook pages. Thinking out loud for those who want to do more with what they are given. hope2u

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