Amazing hot rod auction

These two amazing hot rods will be up for bid in September's Icons Of Speed & Style auction at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Many of the vehicles look like rad Revell plastic model kits or Hot Wheels. That's because those scale models and Hot Wheels were based on some of these actual cars. From the auction listings:
1850 'Boothill Express' Custom Show Rod: Built by Ray Fahrner, Boothill Express is based on the 1850s funeral coach that reportedly carried James Gang member Bob Younger to his grave. Powered by a 426 cu. in. Chrysler Hemi with extra-tall Hilborn fuel injection stacks, it has been the subject of numerous scale models and is certainly one of the wildest and most iconic custom creations to come from the show rod era of the 1960s.

1965 Dodge "Deora" Concept Car: A radical design interpretation of the Dodge A100 forward-control pickup truck, the Deora’s striking lines were penned by California-based designer Harry Bradley and constructed in stunning detail by the Alexander Brothers of Detroit. Their unique creation was honored with the coveted Ridler Award in 1967, and it was pulled out of storage in 1998 before being fully restored back to show quality with the assistance of Harry Bradley himself. Immortalized by various Hot Wheels cars and AMT scale models, the Deora is one of the most recognizable and desirable 1960s Concept Cars.
Icons of Speed & Style auction


  1. i’m enjoying the high number of car themed posts lately. my dad has an orignal series deora hot wheels (red line rims) that he played with as a kid; it’s beaten up but still looks pretty cool.

  2. Perhaps the Deora would make a good basis for an electric vehicle? A pickup chassis can hold a lot of weight. Raise the bed to increase battery space, and use Nickel-Iron batteries for extremely long life. The low current capabilities of NiFe could be overcome by allocating very large amounts of space. Further streamline the chassis and put a top on the bed to increase aerodynamic efficiency.

  3. I remember building and being obsessed with a Monogram model kit of the ‘Boothill Express’ when I was a kid. It even came with some fake tombstones for atmosphere. Very cool to see the real thing.

  4. Hi, I’m building a replica of the Dodge Deora, and it’s coming along nicely.
    The comment about making a Deora an electric vehicle is a really insightful one.
    I’ve toyed with that very idea….and may well put it into practice!!

  5. The Deora would be the ultimate ride to the hardware store to pick up some 2x4s and a couple bags of concrete mix.

    For that matter, it would be the ultimate ride to do just about anything.

  6. The funeral hearse looks like a CG image, and, based on the close-ups on the website, I’m inclined to think it is.

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