Creepy vintage print ads

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RetroComedy posted their picks for "15 Creepiest Vintage Ads of All Time." Above are my faves from the bunch. (Thanks, David Steinberg!)


  1. #10 – Bob went to the Harvard Business School of Evil.

    #9 – Maybe if more husbands put their wives over a knee, this would be a kinkier world, yeah baby!

    #4 – Not on Mondays

  2. That pig is going to be in my nightmares…we do indeed “eat with pleasure…and without getting tired” WTF?

  3. That Chase & Sanborn coffee ad (man spanks wife) is all over the internet, but always in the same rather low resolution. I’d sure like to see a higher-res scan.

    Because I wonder how much of the expression on the victim’s face is real and how much is my imagination reading between the pixels, as it were.

  4. Oh yeah, my favorite is the “douche with Lysol disinfectant” ad. What sadistic horrorshow of a doctor thought that up?

  5. LAGGED2DEATH, I looked everywhere for one when making the Spanked Women rotating legs clock but haven’t found one yet.

  6. @Grimshaw – fatigue refers to boredom or soemthing getting “old” in that ad, not being tired.

  7. “I was hoping this one would show up, so I could finally find out what ad it comes from.”

    I’m guessing Chef Boyardee from what he’s eating.

  8. It’s not vintage, but I did spot this supremely creepy package in an Austin supermarket the other day.

  9. @ Anon : “@Grimshaw – fatigue refers to boredom or soemthing getting “old” in that ad, not being tired.” – Thanks for the clarification! Still going to be in my nightmares….

  10. Chase & Sanborn seems to have had an old tradition of such ads. In Pendergrast’s book Uncommon Grounds there’s a 1934 C&S ad with the wife complaining about being black and blue (presumably from being beaten for serving bad coffee), and the man throwing his hot cup of coffee on her. Hard to imagine how this sold the product.

  11. The one that is going to stick with me is the suggestion that using Lysol as a douche leaves “no greasy aftereffect”…

  12. What? The word “creep” is mentioned on BB and nobody brings up the Uncanny Valley? You’re slipping, BB!

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