Did you know that Ron Jeremy has a pet tortoise?

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The Independent did one of those things where they ask someone famous a bunch of questions, and this time they asked Ron Jeremy. The Hedgehog. The San Fernando Valley's Hirsute Thespian of Our Times.

There's a lot of pressure to perform when you're the best-known [porn] actor in the world; my biggest fear is that I'll be in a scene and I'll suck, and people will say, "Just look at that flaccid noodle." I'm getting older and it feels more of a strain, but I'm still enjoying doing the scenes.
Credo: Ron Jeremy, porn star, 56 (Image credit: Robert Yager)


  1. my biggest fear is that I’ll be in a scene and I’ll suck…

    Indeed, that’s your co-star’s role.

  2. i am still giggling about seeing Ron as an extra in Ghostbusters the other day.

    another reason why wide-screen format is awesome.

  3. @ #2 – Brainspore

    Ron Jeremy has done… things… alone… without a costar… that a costar SHOULD have done.

    Oh, he’s sucked.

  4. I’m still enjoying doing the scenes.

    Really? Thought he hadn’t retired because he needs the insurance.

  5. One of the few things I’m actually qualified to comment on is “What’s it like to hang out with Ron?” A decade-plus ago, I was a film critic in the adult industry. I’m still using the pen name I brought to that world, long after it was co-opted by talent. But that’s another story….

    The thing about Ron is that he won’t shut up. He’s hyper. He’s constantly looking to put his hand, palm up, on a chair some girl is about to sit in. He’s constantly scanning the room for the next girl who he’ll make the center of the universe until he’s had her. I’ve seen him bounce from foot to foot, constantly uttering “Let’s do something; let’s DO something!”

    And, despite all his attempts at stand-up, he can’t tell a joke any better than the average mildly funny uncle who has no business getting up on stage in front of an audience.

    For all that, I really liked the guy. He was a blast to hang around. He’s smart and appropriately snarky in conversation. Jokes aside, there’s a real person behind the giant pistoning schlong you see on-screen.

  6. That dude is pretty ratty looking now. Can’t the porn industry find a better – looking schlongster, or has the industry just completely given up on attracting a heterosexual female audience?

  7. #11 –

    or has the industry just completely given up on attracting a heterosexual female audience

    You might be shocked to hear that porn films tend to be targeted at specific audiences. There are porn films aimed at heterosexual men, with no particular interest in attracting heterosexual women (although I’m sure it happens). There are porn films aimed at hererosexual women, with no particular interest in attracting heterosexual men (again, probably still happens, but not the target market).

    And of course, porn films for homosexuals of one gender or another, or for bisexuals, or for people with one or another of a looooooong list of fetishes who ALSO fall into one of the above categories, ad infinitem.

    It’s roughly like complaining that because Woodie Allen kept starring in movies, Hollywood has no interest in attracting heterosexual women.

    Often, the guys face really isn’t the point.

  8. Jerril, but Ron Jeremy is really marketed towards women.

    Anyways, what about the market for couples? Something for everyone involved…

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