Citizen Engineer: open source hardware comic and kits


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  1. openfly says:


  2. matt joyce says:

    This is brilliant.

  3. jfrancis says:

    What is it about the face in that blue cover image that makes me think of the Mona Lisa?

  4. starbuckt says:

    I bought my kit a few weeks ago, but just now got the time to put it together. It was a fun little project. I need to pick up a serial-to-usb adapter, but so far it works great. I can’t wait to see what the next issue of Citizen Engineer is about.

    With this kit you can read/write SMS and phonebook data to the SIM card. Ostensibly, with the right software, you could attempt to clone a SIM card, but that’s a little more involved.

  5. dargaud says:

    Any examples of what can be done with a SIM card reader ? I mean, besides copying the address book ?

  6. Clemoh says:

    This is awesome! Free laundry from now on!

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