3D Radiology images


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a great repository of DICOM data sets for exploration in Osirix:


    (As an aside, this is an interesting lesson in university branding/PR/marketing. A lot of university labs across the nation do 3D radiology. But, only the Stanford lab thought to make a flickr stream of the most visually appealing, and thus has the opportunity to be publicly associated with the technique, which is standard in industry, but cutting-edge and fascinating for most laypeople.)

  2. IWood says:

    That first one is gonna eat my soul, I think.

  3. Johnny Astro says:

    If anyone is interested in making 3D radiology pictures on their own, there is a fantastic free open source Mac program called Osirix that does exactly that. http://www.osirix-viewer.com/

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great radiology images!! Stanford is always on the cutting edge!!

    Steven Chan MD

  5. A Matlock says:

    Here is an illustrator who uses Osirix. Checkout the movies at the bottom of his site.
    Swift Illustration

  6. joe blough says:

    johnny, you beat me to it. the 3D reconstructions you can make from CT datasets with osirix are incredible. MR not as much, but still very interesting. if you ever had a CT or MR done you should be able to get a CDROM containing the data from the lab for free or for a small charge. nowadays they usually just give you the disc when you leave.

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