Great meltdowns melted into one (Rob Thomas music video by Walter Robot)


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  1. Daemon says:

    I suddenly feel like watching Falling Down again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is it music videos lately that they gotta end like that?

  3. ohnonichole says:

    The world is full of unending junk mail, unending junk emails, having the right spam blocker, the right life insurance, not having insurance or having insurance that will drop you as soon as you get ill, socializing through internet hookups and paranoia about your neighbor whom you barely know on sight. 8 to 6 work hours everyday in an increasingly depressed situation with like-peers who also haven’t mentally matured past 18 years old. Credit, mortgage, alienation of the labor you theoretically produce on your theoretic control center that is a laptop. Never being unplugged with your blackberry, cell phone, laptop, IPhone, vhookup, remote wireless, TPS reports, blah blah blah. Having only one hour of family time as both parents must work / commute until 7:30 to pay for the kids are raised by someone else. Every business, institution and government rickshaw designed to break while sucking every last dollar out of you. Facebook, credit cards and clutter clutter clutter.

    I do not wonder why so many people are angry and flipping out these days.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Could have used more cowbell.

  5. Rotwang says:

    That was fun!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Meh. The deus ex machina endings ruined an otherwise lol-worthy video.

  7. aelfscine says:

    Agreed, actual meltdowns would’ve been way better.

  8. blatantdisregard says:

    Staged meltdowns + Rob Thomas = fail

  9. WarEagle says:

    lackluster attempt, at least use actual meltdowns.

  10. Takuan says:


  11. noen says:

    Walter Robot is teh awsomest.

  12. ohnonichole says:

    I wanted them to get away with it. Run away little nakkeds in Times Square!

    It’s legal for women to go topless in New York State and people streak Times Square often. The end of that video hurt my soul.

  13. mamarox says:

    A whole lot of fun, ’til the “surprise” endings … I loved that they seemed to be real meltdowns.

    Maybe just the one (car rage), at the very end, would be more effective.

  14. HowardsGrl says:

    I really like this video and I like Rob Thomas, even though I’d forgotten who he was til I watched and saw his ‘cameo’….he’s cool though and a good singer.

    What I really like is poster #1′s rant!

  15. Anonymous says:

    People, relax, it’s all fake. And that’s the reveal. That’s the whole point. The entire thing goes from a collection of trauma, a view into the darker parts of humanity, into a beautiful “gotcha” moment with singing and dancing.

    I didn’t even hear the music the first time, but as soon as the wizard came out I got it, listened to it again, and found the humor in it all.

    But you people that are disappointed are slightly evil for getting your jollies through schadenfreude.

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