Live feed of images being posted to Twitpic


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  1. Nword says:

    It’s either blocked or it’s killed the twitpics server..

    now giving a 502 error.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this website is interesting. Your screenshot is awesome because it has the lead singer of my favorite band, All Time Low, in it.

  3. JoshP says:

    so weird, I was zenning on twitpic homepage last night, and then I think, heh this is what the nsa spooks do… all day, ekk.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It would be better if new images would simply draw over old images from left to right, top to bottom. The whole grid scrolling for every update is irritating. Other than that—SWEET!

  5. vetlemakt says:

    You could try instead. Same shit, different wrapping.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Site is too slow!

  7. Piers W says:


    A picture of a naked eight year old is not porn. It’s a picture of a child with no clothes on.

  8. rogerg says:

    so now, people will be posting a pic on Twitpic, just to see when it shows up on PingWire. moebius…

  9. z7q2 says:

    yup, the thumbs are now fail and clicking on the links gives you a 403 forbidden. but if you paste the link into a fresh window it works. so twitpic is blocking the site based on the referrer

    a shame. I love picture aggregators, being a photoshopper. they are great for when you’re looking for inspiration

  10. matt blank says:

    So … many … bewbs …

  11. Heatmizuh says:

    Seems about 1 in 12 are pix of someone’s cat.

  12. Anonymous says:

    it’s been blocked…

  13. ianm says:

    Finally a substitute for my addiction to the random LJ-image generator web pages!

  14. Anonymous says:

    oh man… i didn’t need to see that full-armed adult pleasuring action. despite that one thing, this site is actually kind of cool!

  15. avoision says:

    @Heatmizuh – Welcome to the Internet.

  16. knowles says:

    ok, now how do i funnel this feed into my desktop background?

  17. angusm says:

    And a new channel for spam is born.

  18. Mojave says:

    I don’t care what all y’all say….Cleavage NEVER gets old!!

  19. Grahamers2002 says:

    First pic I saw:


  20. EH says:

    inundated with porn spam in 3…2..1…

  21. ethancoop says:

    5th pic in, large boobies. 20th pic in, Asian porn. Yep this is the internet.

  22. Anonymous says:

    This got old really fast.

  23. Kat Johnston says:

    I can see this getting to be an addictive procrastination technique quickly… Load site, refresh, go awwwww over the cat pictures, rinse and repeat.

  24. ivan256 says:


    It wasn’t your typical pic of a naked 8 year old on the beach. It was disturbingly seemingly intentionally sexualized.

  25. phlavor says:

    I clicked just to see how many pics until I saw a boob. 5 is the answer. But surprisingly none since.

  26. ivan256 says:

    Didn’t take long to start seeing repeats.

    I wonder how they determine what the ‘newest’ are.

  27. ivan256 says:

    Hmm… After seeing what looked like a naked 8-year-old, I think I’ll stop looking at that now before the men in the black vans come and take away my computer.

    This story needs a “Warning: Contains Kiddie Porn” on it.

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