Photos from county fairs

Notley sez, "In regards to Cory's post about state fairs, Here some photos from 'County Fairs' around Missouri."

Fairs (Thanks, Notley!)


  1. Now I see what people mean by the misuse of HDR and the HDR “glow”. The Wheel of Tragegy is possessed!

  2. Couldn’t that be just good backlighting, as the shadows suggest? The sun’s just covered by the SW portion of the wheel, hence the glowey, numinous, “am I tripping?” look. I mean, they might have manipulated the shit out of this photo, but you could get this effect mainly through knowing how to use the sun’s light to get good pictures….

  3. Nah, that’s gotta be HDR. I doubt you could expose for the sky and for the front of the wheel in the same shot. Maybe if there was some big light/reflector off to the left and below the wheel, but I sincerely doubt it.

    The halo isn’t bad in this one, actually — just that one little bit at upper left. This kind of thing is what HDR is for.

  4. Sure you could: look at the kids on the wheel, and the underside: complete black. It’s not even a perfectly exposed photograph. Look at any of the really dark areas: there’s no detail there, which suggests that the lit-up stuff, like the front of the wheel, was what was metered. I think had it been more carefully shot, the goth sad kid would be brighter, easier to read. This just looks like a point-and-click kind of snap: no manipulation that I can see, certainly nothing of the neon craziness that at lot of HRD looks like.

    A big light reflector would have, well, lots of reflected light: but only ambient light is what’s on the front of the wheel, the goth, etc. There’s no fill on or other-source lighting here. Just a straight shot, IMHO.

  5. I love the County Fair! Not the carnival so much- the hobby stuff. I used to hitchhike there every year, and sneak in a different way every time, just for the challenge. Didn’t get the chance one year- the truck that picked us up drove right in the back gate!
    On a sad, confessatory note, one year after hopping the fence I panhandled enough change to buy a pack of SweetTarts, filed the logo off, then wrapped them in tinfoil from my cigarette pack and sold them as LSD. Twenty dollars later I beat it before anyone realized I ripped them off. I know; what a jerk. If you were a victim of this scam, I’ll either give you your $2 back, or you can smack me.

  6. #3, Anonymous:

    The Minnesota Historical Society Press just published a book of county fair photos,

    …and their website has a fantastic article on butter sculpture, as featured in one of the photos.

  7. I have to say the “roundup” ride in the bb post pic is a big improvement over the model I rode (exactly once) as a child.

    That mesh backing would allow vomitus to fly out over the crowd, instead of slowly, inexorably creeping across the drum towards a screaming youngster pinned by centripedal forces.

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