Baby goose with homemade leg brace

A baby goose with a homemade leg brace, balanced on the liminal threshold between cute and creepy.

Here is the world's first bionic Goose. The two-week old gosling was found with a broken leg, but vets did not have the heart to put it down.

Instead, they decided to operate on the young creature, named Betty, to give her a bionic leg.

She was fitted with steel pins, nuts and bolts to build a leg brace which soon got her back up and waddling around.

The orphan, found at Watermead, Buckinghamshire, has already learned to walk again at nearby Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital.

Goose gets a bionic leg in world-first operation (via Medgadget)



  1. A baby goose is cute. Geese are nasty, nasty creatures. How many people on here were bitten as kids trying to feed the ducks? (I wasn’t)

    Foie gras anyone?

    Alright, ok, this is super cute. However, I would like to note that the torso and head are super cute and the un-feathered legs look like something out of Predator…

  2. @#3: Yeah I get threatened by Canada geese when I go running through some trails. Did anyone else know that they can hiss?!? They like to slowly waddle across the road and then stare at you as you approach. As you stand there and watch, they will hiss at you just to make sure you got the message. The whole thing takes about 30 seconds. I find it weird that they don’t do the same when a bike speeds through. Maybe the bike is too strange or too fast for them to process? In any case, I found that the more assertive/aggressive I act, they more likely they are to run away. So now I just run by. So far so good.

  3. Hate geese. Evil little gits. Hiss and don’t get out of your way. Which is very, very stupid, as I’m larger and I coach rowing, which means I’m cycling down the bank looking at the boat, not them. Never bumped into a person, dogs remain unharmed, but geese are *dumb*.

    And filthy, filthy creatures. I don’t know exactly how the Anserine digestive system turns the combination of grass and cheap white bread into such a disgusting substance, but the damn things go *everywhere*.

    Really don’t understand the people who take their little kids down to the river bank to stand in goose shit and throw cheap processed white bread at the blasted things.

  4. Well, Well, this is super cute. However, I would like to point out the trunk and head is super-cute, the United Nations feathered legs what looks like Predator.

  5. Forgive my departure from the “aaaaah” consensus, but this exercise summarises in one picture much that is wrong with the world. Sometimes “because we can” and “because we are programmed to suffer from totally misplaced priorities caused by the physical property known as fluffiness” are not good enough excuses.

  6. Ian @4 No thank you on the foie gras. It’s likely one of the cruelest things done for the sake of food.

    Comatose@6: Oh, they’ll hiss at bikes. They just need some time to notice and then gather their nerve :)

  7. It’s not really a bionic leg. Not even a “brace” per se. Looks like just an orthopedic repair with temporary rod and pin support (insteaad of cast). It is pretty neat, though. It is very very difficult for a veterinarian to operate on such a small animal.

  8. The gosling has what’s called an external fixator on it’s leg – it’s a common technique for fixing broken bones. Pins are drilled intothe bone, and then a rod connects the pins after the bone is pulled straight.

  9. This looks like an external fixation devise used for the past thirty years to help avians with broken bones.
    when the bone mends the devise will be removed.
    it looks creepy but it’s a known procedure.
    -retired veterinarian

  10. Geese don’t even get out of the way for a car horn. But they sure do scatter at a semi truck horn!

  11. That is not a bionic leg. It’s a standard external fixator. Vets use them on broken legs all the time, to immobilize them so they can grow and heal around a pin. Nothing extraordinary about it at all. (My spouse is a veterinarian.)

    Well, except that they were able to do it on a bird bone, which is hollow. That part is impressive.

    And they’re not going to release it into the wild with this. They’ll keep it on for a few weeks to let the bone heal, then take it off and observe the bird a few more weeks to make sure it’s okay before releasing it.

    Cute picture, sloppy story, terrible headline.


  12. Republicans will seize on this as an example of “European-style socialized medicine run-amok.”

    It will be featured on outraged direct mail fund-raisers except they will Photoshop the duck to be black.

  13. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital sounds like it came out of and Enid Blyton story :)

    Also, a great way of scattering geese is with a compressed air horn. They are evil animals but they work really well as an alarm system and they keep kids away from your fruit trees.

  14. That is a nice brace!
    I had to build a brace for a chick (chicken) once.
    The chick’s name was Floyd. I named him after a ffriend of mine whose mother had taken thalidimide and poor Floyd had flippers instead of arms and hands or feet and legs.
    Floyd could swim like a sumbiatch.
    He could also do just about anything he set his mind to.
    He built himself a little car that he drove around town to visit his friends (and maybe burn a hooter).
    Anyway, this chick’s leg was broken, probably mama stepped on it.
    Floyde the chicken got around nicely on his braced leg, but he was different after modification, so the chickens rejected him, each pecking him atop his head until I removed him from the chicken pen.
    He got a box seat on my computer, and after a few weeks he’d hop out to see what I was scratching at when I was typing.
    I taught Floyd to squirt on newspaper, which he did.
    Floyd became a pet, eventually getting a private roost on our enclosed back porch.
    We’d let him out in the day and when you called him he’d come running.
    The old rooster died, so I put Floyd in charge of the big yard.
    He pecked every chicken in there on top of the head…paybacks are a biatch.
    You don’t care about this stuff….anyway, Floyd (the chicken) did very well after the brace was removed.
    Ok, I’m done-“Bender B. Rodriguiz”

  15. No way you’ll make it NEAR the Hudson River when Donaldus of Borg tries to assimilate your jet’s engine.

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