@BBVBOX: recent guest-tweeted web video picks (boingboingvideo.com)

(Ed. Note: We recently gave the Boing Boing Video website a makeover that includes a new, guest-curated microblog: the "BBVBOX." Here, folks whose taste in web video we admire tweet the latest clips they find. I'll be posting periodic roundups here on the motherBoing.)

  • Richard Metzger: Cheese Zone Link RT @GreatDismal
  • Jesse Thorn: "Buy Me That: A Kid's Survival Guide to TV Advertising", and its weird reverse effect. Link
  • Andrea James: Poisonous platypus part purges predators: Link
  • Jesse Thorn: The future of comedy is Raaaaaaaandy! This dude is about to make you laugh your d**k off. Link
  • Sean Bonner: Hey Ladies! How to pee in public. Link
  • Jesse Thorn: Some serious insight on Michael Jackson from @jsmooth995's The Ill Doctrine: Link
  • Jesse Thorn: New Weird Al: "Skipper Dan" about broken dreams. Link
  • Richard Metzger: This lady will make you feel so smart. The Sprinkler Rainbow Conspiracy Link
  • Richard Metzger: Supervan! Charles Bukowski as 'Wet T-Shirt Contest Water Boy (uncredited)' according to IMDB Link
  • Jesse Thorn: Video recorded by Edison of people on the waterslide at the legendary Sutro Baths in San Francisco in 1897: Link

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