Richard Metzger interviews Julien Nitzberg about his documentary film, "The Wild Whites of West Virginia"

Julien Nitzberg, director of the documentary film, The Wild Whites of West Virginia, is the guest on the third episode of our friend Richard Metzger's terrific interview show, Dangerous Minds.

Shot over the course of eighteen months, the film follows the often comical, sometimes tragic antics of the hell-raising hillbilly White family of Boone County, WV. Surely the state's most notorious clan since the days of the Hatfields and the McCoys, the Whites engage in a mind-blowing array of anti-social and criminal activities with barely concealed glee. Produced by "Jackass" maestros Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine through their Dickhouse production company and MTV Films, "The Wild Whites of West Virginia" takes no prisoners and it doesn't tell you what to think about the Whites.  Local law enforcement hate them, but for the most part--barring a several day armed seige one younger White puts them through--but tend to want to stay out of their insane shenanigans. When one of the Whites gives birth and then snorts up ground painkillers in her hospital room while her infant sleeps nearby, the camera was there, okay? It's intimate! Unlike anything you are likely to see unless you live in Boone County, WV. An incredible documentary. Highly recommended.
Julien Nitzberg discusses "The Wild Whites of West Virginia"