Spider pizza may be delicious, but I will not be eating it.


Over at her Tokyomango blog, our Lisa Katayama (also of Boing Boing Gadgets) has a post up about "spider pizza" offered at a pizzeria in Okinawa.


  1. Yum! Oh, yum!!!

    Mom??? Can we get some spider-pizza for supper???
    I’ve got dibs on the really hairy ones!!!

    …s’cuse me while I puke.

  2. The taste would probably get lost among the rest of the flavors but my experience is that most spiders have little flavor or a slightly seafood like quality. I generally avoid eating spiders though prefering other insects (wax worms are better than raisins), my experience mainly comes from a couple of house spiders and my pet tarantulas after they passed away.

  3. Can someone explain why Japanese TV shows always have an excited/shocked looking person in the little picture-in-picture box in a corner? thx!

  4. It would be nice if you could maybe carve the spider into fillets. I enjoy chicken on my pizza occasionally, but would balk if there were an entire feathered corpse on my slice.

    Any tips on how to disguise a spider? How ’bout some spider sausage? Food tastes best when I don’t know what it is.

    (yes, FFS, I’m being sarcastic)

  5. Spider meal, spider meal
    A very special food appeal…

    The jingle practically writes itself. I’m sure the old 60s Spiderman song would go over well.

  6. It always amuses me a little how freaked out people get about eating insects & arachnids (I admit to this myself), yet happily consume crab, lobster, shrimp, etc. Their is very little difference between say a small lobster & a large scorpion. I’m pretty sure those giant hissing cockroaches would taste a lot like prawn.

  7. My thoughts exactly, Gilbert Wham. Even without the spider that looks like a really TERRIBLE pizza. Is that typical of the state of Japanese pizza artistry, or is this guy just trying to make it as repulsive as possible before “capping” it with a giant dead spider?

    1. I had a pizza with cockles on it once in Edinburgh and I’m not convinced that this spider one would be any viler than that was.

  8. @ #3 aww Lizardman, you ate your deceased pet tarantulas? kinda sweet. so – since they are biggish did you cook them or just eat them? they are so hairy, blah – did you just eat the insides?

    spiders are totally fascinating but i have no interest in eating them.

    @ #8 i would consider if it they were filleted i suppose

  9. I wonder what Samuel L. Jackson might think about spider pizza.

    “Hey,spider pizza may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’d never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy motherfucker.”

  10. Nanner,

    At the time (early 90’s) I had recently seen a documentary on tribes cooking and eating tarantulas in South America – when cooked they actually pop open nicely and allow for easy pulling out of the meat not unlike crab. I cooked one enough to make it pop and the other I tried raw – eating one whole leg and pull the meat out of the others which was something of a task raw. With them I only really ate legs not the body, with the smaller house spiders I swallowed them whole, sometimes chewing, sometimes not

  11. I would wager my nonexistent first born child that this pizza is NOT delicious. In Japan pizza is very hit and miss…

    I remember once my friend ordered a “country Style” pizza. She was surprised when it came complete with steak and corn-on-the-cob on top. Yes, on-the-cob!

  12. Wait, does this mean all those “Spider Rolls” I’ve eaten at sushi places over the years weren’t actually crab after all?

  13. Japanese pizza’s are horrible. They all look like that. I’ve tried and tried to find good pizza – it doesn’t exist here.

  14. @ #17 The Lizardman: Thanks for the info. I’ll keep that in mind, I love crab ;) lol and who knows what the future may bring!! I guess gobbling up raw house spiders would have a great sideshow/renfield-esque appeal so I can see trying out it. (YOU trying it out that is, not ME!)

  15. #6 – The formula for Japanese TV is weird, but great in its own way. Often the hosts of Japanese shows go off and do something during the day (or they get a shocking/strange story from somewhere around Japan/the world), then they all watch it and often play some sort of game/challenge in front of a studio audience.

    So when they broadcast the first part (daytime activity/strange story) they show the hosts/guests of the show picture-in-picture so we (the TV audience) can see what their reaction is. The reason you always see a surprised person on stuff on the net is because people always post surprising stuff on the net.

    Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

    Its from the “batsu” game, where they are put in a situation which is funny, but if they laugh the punishment is spanking. Childish, but great!

    For an awesome japanese TV show, check out
    リンカーン “Lincoln” (but it’s pronounced rinkan) http://crackle.com/c/Comedy/_20081216/2420190
    In this ep they stand to get $10,000 if they win the challenge. First task is to pour wine into a glass on a dinner table – using a pneumatic digger!

    Takuan is right….. okonomiyaki IS great! My fav Japanese food.

  16. The taste would probably get lost among the rest of the flavors

    Yeah… I really think I could damn near anything pizza, if it had plenty of other toppings.

    my experience mainly comes from a couple of house spiders and my pet tarantulas after they passed away.

    The idea of eating a tarantula doesn’t seem all that weird to me. The idea of eating a pet does.

  17. I second #12- I grew up eating blue crabs, then realized they were insects, then got disgusted. I still try to eat a few each year but not like the feasts of yore!
    Best pizza ever was lobster in Chicago-exoskeleton w/green guts!

  18. Homer: If you’ve been good…pizza, if you’ve been bad…poison.

    Lisa: What if one of us has been good, and the other bad?

    Bart: Poison pizza.

    Homer: Oh, no! I’m not making two stops!

  19. Under the best of circumstances, Japanese pizza and spaghetti are a bit odd by western standards. This is definately the wierdest variant I’ve heard of so far though.

  20. I’ve eaten a scorpion once. It just one chucked in the bottom of a bottle of Mescal. Quite crunchy and bits got stuck all through my teeth.

    As for the taste, well it tasted like Mescal but that was pretty expected considering it would have been soaking in the stuff for months.

  21. Damn!

    Has anyone else been having annoying problems trying to comment lately? Getting logged out all the time etc?

  22. Maybe if spiders had more meat to them, like Aragog, I might eat some of the meat from the legs. But I’m not interested in eating a whole spider.

  23. I ate spider in Cambodia, more than once, voluntarily. I am terrified of spiders, and by eating one I felt certain I had angered the spider-gods: like clockwork a spider the size of my hand dropped out of a tree onto the back of my neck the next day. But the taste is not bad at all, if you can get over the legginess. And it’s certainly better than bondagi (a South Korean snack, silkworm larvae). Insects taste pretty good, in my experience. I would imagine those spiders would taste better minus that revolting looking pizza.

  24. I had a fried tarantula recently in Cambodia – wasn’t bad – tasted like burned fried shrimp. :-)

  25. I also see goya on that pizza. Which means, you wouldn’t even taste the spider.

    As for Japanese vs “western” standards for pizza @#32, I think you need to reconsider your idea of western. Is that Naples? Chicago?

    There are some crappy “americanesque” pizza devlivery chains in Japan, and near my home in central Tokyo, a couple of really good pizzaria of both Napoli and Roman styles.

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