NASA's new restored footage of the Apollo 11 moon landing

To honor the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, NASA has just released these brand new restored videos of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's historic first steps on the moon. The space agency is working with Lowry Digital in Burbank to restore tapes from the July 20, 1969 moonwalk &mdash the project in its entirety will be completed in the fall, but they're offering a sneak peek at some of the iconic moments, like Neil Armstrong (above) and Buzz Aldrin (below) taking their first steps on the moon, starting right now. These clips show side-by-side comparisons of the footage stored in the NASA archives vs. the never-seen-before newly restored footage. Stay tuned for more reporting about the "lost" Apollo 11 tapes and an interview with Buzz Aldrin on BBG on Monday. Below, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin raising the American flag on the moon's surface: Footage courtesy of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center


  1. If we went to the moon, we would be marketing all the cheese. Come on, put two and two together…

  2. From what I’ve heard the tapes haven’t been found. It is thought that the tapes were erased by an operator because they couldn’t be played on a normal drive. The “restored” tapes are based on a kinemascope from one of the ground stations–not the original digital data.

  3. Hmmm, the restored footage doesn’t look much better than the original. Oh, wait, that’s because I’m looking at it in low-res on YouTube.

  4. Missing a semicolon in — in the post text.

    …tapes from the July 20, 1969 moonwalk &mdash the project in its entirety…

    should read

    …tapes from the July 20, 1969 moonwalk — the project in its entirety…

    And yes, this is a prime example of a Wonderful Thing! I can’t believe NASA taped over the originals…bet it was during the Reagan era.

  5. @#3: They didn’t find the taped. Their conclusion was that they were taped over at some point. This new video is a digital restoration that combines 8mm and 2nd generation tape from NASA, CBS, and Austrailia.

  6. NASA has a PR sense alright.

    They intentionally obfuscate and conceal the existence of much more advanced secret space program as well as the presence of extraterrestrial biological entities and their craft.

    Just as Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchel and other Ex-NASA employees who have gone on the record to testify to this fact.

    Go ahead and chortle if you like. It feels better than doing the research and accepting that your emotionally charged beliefs about the world and the space program were not exactly connected to “reality”.

    google disclosure project and watch the 4 hours of witness testimony (none of which are backwoods, moonshine drinking rednecks, thank you.)

  7. That’s right anon. Here’s video of Buzz Aldrin giving evidence on the truth behind Apollo 11.

    Had me convinced.

  8. #16 – AWESOME. i would like to see some more information though, i followed #15’s advice and did find some interesting stuff (including some testimony that seemed pretty solid).

  9. Did they stop making new videotape in the late 60’s or was it so expensive that they absolutely had to record over the Moon landing and the first Super Bowl?

  10. The “original” doesn’t look like tape at all. You can see the white spots from a kinescope film of the original transmission.

    The TV networks, CBS, NBC and ABC probably have video of the landing they recorded from the NASA feed.

    I wonder why NASA went back to a kinescope to make this version rather than the networks’ video tapes?

  11. Is Armstrong still first on the moon in this version or does Greedo beat him out the door?

  12. Yes, NASA recycled the Apollo 11 tapes because they couldn’t afford to purchase new tape for an ever-growing amount of satellite data. NASA Management made a prudent business decision because the cost of archiving this material probably far exceeded the savings they would achieve by recycling it. Some may feel this was the wrong decision, but I’ll bet the person who approved the action was commended for his/her thriftiness and eco-friendly genius. Remember that the mantra was “Reduce/Re-use/Re-cycle” to keep the planet green and healthy. They probably received a bonus as well.

    TV stations have been doing this for decades because it was too expensive to archive old shows that they never imagined anyone in the future might want to watch, and videotapes could be used over and over and over again. As a video editor in the late 1980’s and 1990’s, needing lots of 3/4″ tapes for off-line editing, I grabbed a bunch of old cooking shows and infomercials on U-Matic cassettes from an audio/video warehouse that sold them to me for $1 each. It was a very common practice, and no, I never bothered to watch the shows before recording over the old material.

    Now that the digital revolution has made storage of this stuff cheap and plentiful, it’s not so much of a problem anymore.

  13. @#6 stupidjerk:

    The moon landings were real – the US govt invented Wisconsin to explain the cheese. Do you think Milwaukee really exists?

  14. “the cost of archiving this material probably far exceeded the savings they would achieve by recycling it.”

    Yeh sure … I’m sure the budget of those guys with the 40-year-old tapes down in Australia is WAAAAY bigger than NASA’s budget. And, of course, the US government is wayshort on archive space, what with all those freezers stuffed with alien bodies.

  15. Hey! You ever try to cost out keeping those aliens frozen? The paperwork alone will kill ya!

  16. I can still see the strings.

    I heard that the tapes still exist, but they were recorded on a special tape format, very fine quality. The units used for playing back those tapes no longer function, and the tapes are slowly degrading.

  17. “Glad they finally found the tapes”…. they were in Stanley Kubrick’s garage all along………
    baaa baaa black sheep

  18. You cant just develop this film and I doubt anyone in burbank is restoring the footage. Due to a special recorder that was used, only 4 known players in the world EVER existed to play it back.
    2 of those players were reconditioned to playback the footage
    and is being worked on at the McDonalds on a defunct military base in California.

  19. If you think the first moon landing was faked, then all of the moon landings were faked.

  20. How stupid are we folks. Who really believes they accidentally taped over the original tapes. Do you people really believe this?

  21. This is getting better all the time. First they manage to somehow lose the schematics for the lunar landing module. And now, as for the original tapes showing the landing, they say they accidentally taped over them….?

  22. Anyone made the joke yet that this happened on the 20th of “Jew lie”?

    No? OK. Never mind.

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