Glasgow steampunk fair at the world's oldest music hall, the Panopticon

Merlin sez,
The Panopticon is the oldest music hall in the world (to the knowledge of the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Trust). It was home to the early careers of many music hall legends such as Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame. The hall fell into disuse and disrepair after it closed in 1938 with the rise of the film industry and has since been reopened. A trust (aforementioned) has been established to renovate it and repair the insides The hall still needs donations to help foot the bill for renovations and as such the trust has opened it up for shows. It has been doing shows for some time now and is now reasonably successful.

One of the upcoming shows [ed: on Aug 8] is a presentation/fare being arranged largely by the members of the Glasgow University Steampunk Society (G.U.E.S.S), who have managed to arrange food, stalls, acts (music, magic and maybe even juggling), a lecture on stage magic, the potential for the uses of a vintage magic lantern. The stalls will present steapunk mods, items of a steamy nature, jewellery, clothing and other things and trinkets. There will be a chance for visitors to join the Steampunk society/ their mailing list and amusement will be provided by the acts and the friendly and amiable members of G.U.E.S.S. The Britannia Panopticon is a piece of history. Please help us help it and create Victoriany goodness in Glasgow.

GUESS presents "Glasgow By Gaslight" - Aug 8th - Maker Fair and Show (Thanks, Merlin!)


  1. oooooooooo! The Panopticon is a fascinating place. I’ve been to a couple of their music hall shows. This sounds like a brilliant idea for an event.

  2. @#4
    I was only joking but, hey, use it if you like. (And an invoice from my parent co. “Acronyms ‘R’ Us” could be raised, for services rendered … but don’t use “ESTEAMED” – our rivals “Puns Punted” have a prior claim on that one.)

  3. The Panoptican is awesome.

    Meaning ‘all you can see’, for one ticket price you could get the music hall show all day, the ‘freak show’ in the top floor and the zoo in the basement.

    A guide there once told me it never burnt down because there were no toilets, so people just used the back of stalls and balcony, or, if it was a bad performance, from the balcony onto the stage itself.

    Apparently Stan Laurel bought a joke for his first show from a joke peddler in the nearby market.

  4. Cool – It’s just round the corner from where I work (& right next door to where we used to be, before we got chucked out when they started renovating that building) – four years and I’ve still never been inside.

    (You could still buy that joke until they closed down Paddy’s Market)

  5. Holy hell, there are people interested in our event. This is awesome!

    Anyone around Glasgow, the surrounding area or infact the rest of the world that may be interested in our little group is morethan welcome to join us on our forum.

    Merlin, you are a very useful chap.


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