Cthulhu mask -- the sequel

Ukrainian arts collective Bob Basset have put another leather Cthulhu mask up -- I hadn't realized it was possible to top their previous effort, but...wow.

New Cthulhu. Новый Ктулху.


  1. Reminds me of Dream’s mask in Sandman.

    I believe the term of the “dread copyright” is a strange aeon.

  2. I live in Providence, RI and i can tell you that Chuthulu looks exactly like that in real life. Except he wear a suit and Italian shoes.

  3. Luckily the great elder ones have no known commandment against idol worshipping but I wouldn’t bet my soul on it.

  4. I desperately need to find him and force him to teach me his skills. I work with leather, but have only the vaguest idea how to get results like this.

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