World's Greatest Internet Freakout Contest (win a microwave) Senior Editor Gabriel Delahaye says,

You know that kid who posted a video on-line about a month ago of his brother having a freakout because their mom suspended his World of Warcraft account? Well, that was a pretty good freakout, sure, but since then the two of them have posted four more freakouts. FAKE. And if you're going to post a fake freakout, then the freakout should really be a lot better. These guys have not stepped their game up. And I think the title of World's Greatest Freakout is being used a little loosely by them. They are teenagers just trying to have fun, sure, but they should be more careful. With words.

That is why we are hosting the World's Greatest Freakout Contest.

Let's beat that kid at his own game. Winner gets a microwave.


  1. That video sucks the most ass I’ve ever seen a video suck. Someone needs to smack those kids for wasting my 20 seconds!

  2. After watching the linked video, I find myself wishing it was possible to slap someone in the back of the head via TCP/IP.

    I’m going to go take a few aspirin and lie down now. Toodles.

  3. Yuck. Obnoxious spoiled little shit whining and behaving in an ugly little way. I can’t believe those parents let that brat get away with that kind of behaviour. BB, this is totally not a wonderful thing. :-(

  4. Didn’t the German kid freaking out because his WoW account wasn’t loading fast enough win this category for all time?

  5. Ok, these videos display at least two very bad problems.

    1. If these videos aren’t staged, I would say the young man is suffering from some behavior disorder. Making more videos of it, again if it isn’t staged, is not helping this boy. His displaced aggression and lack of rational thought is a huge sign of a problem.

    2. If these are staged out of teenage entertainment or boredom issues, then there is a lack of role modeling or mentoring in their lives. They would also benefit from a larger scope of the world, like realizations about the refugees in Iraq or Palestine and what those children have to suffer with.

    3. Either way, I would also suggest that the videos show a pervasive lack of parental effectiveness, whether due to both parents working, single parent status, personal indulgences of the parents at the expense of their children etc. The excuse “I don’t have the time” just isn’t excusing anything anymore.

    Someone commented smacking the child up side the head, funny yes, but it would only fuel and increase the aggression.
    Seriously this child has possible autistic symptoms to his behavior and perception that need to be addressed.

    I’m afraid too many adolescent boys and girls suffer from these behaviors in this country. We lack true leadership and insight into this social problem and throwing money at it or developing more drugs to suppress it is not the answer. The true answer is how we all spend our time with each other. Virtual worlds is not a substitute for real life mentors. Getting angry over a microwave, an inanimate object, is not rational. No parent came to help the child stop for a minute and figure his situation out. the microwave might have been set to half power and just needed to be switched back. His reaction was extreme, as if his maturity was severely repressed, this indicates abuse and trauma in his life and a lack of addressing it by his parents. I’m not a psychologist, I am a parent, these videos are not hard to understand.

    Some might think I’m taking a “ranting video too seriously dude.” but the seriousness is in how prevalent these behaviors are becoming in our society. Both the “actors” and the “voyeurs” what we need are patient, observant, and accountable mentors and leaders both in our private lives as this young man needs and in our public lives as this country needs.

    Its not up to the schools, its not up to the government. The answer is closer to home. Spending time with your kids of any age, is YOUR responsibility PERIOD. Being patient and teaching them how to observe, to think critically, to seek alternatives to their needs is what parents should be accountable for. We need to spend time practicing to communicate. If you can just throw an object on the ground and destroy it, why should you figure out how to over come your obstacle? If we don’t communicate, how easy is it to just “nuke” another country? In time, the extreme behaviors become the norm. Is that what human nature is about? Is that what everyone wants?

  6. When he carried it outside, I had high hopes for an “Office Space” moment. Alas, my hopes were dashed.

  7. Obnoxious spoiled little shit whining and behaving in an ugly little way.

    I know you are, but what is he?

    1. Your comment sounds exactly like the behavior that you’re excoriating. You made irony, albeit unintentionally.

  8. #@12: So commenting about someone behaving in an obnoxious manner is obnoxious too? What should I have said? What an adorable little darling?

    1. I’m just saying that a rant about a rant is sort of intrinsically funny. Your choice of language seems tonally similar to the creature in the video.

  9. That dude that was crying “Leave Brittany alone! Why can’t you leave her alone!”
    …nobody’s gonna beat that guy, in sincerity or execution. You’d have to live a very frustrated, obsessed and sexually confused life to even come close. Good luck!

  10. @18: LOL. You’re absolutely right. I guess that was a bit of a rant, wasn’t it? I apologize for my obnoxiousness … having a rough day and taking it out on the Internets. Sorry for being such a humourless grouch.

  11. Oh, come on, give the kids some credit. A “lack of mentoring”? Look at “Greatest freakout 3.” Of course it is staged! But, their parents collaborated with them in the making of a joke YouTube video, in which they whacked a truck with a baseball bat. They are doing this with their parents (or some adult) and that is cool.

  12. This is the same kid who freaked out over his mom “canceling” his WOW account. He was later seen trying to stick a remote control up his behind. Also, he is the “Why are you betraying me?” kid. Kids 1 Wired 0. PWNED

  13. Markm: “?Where is the escape button!!!? WHERE!!?”

    The tears of laughter, man, that was gold and definitely wins GREATEST FREAKOUT EVER, subtitle accuracy be damned.

    The glee he takes when he can finally log in and kill… scary. Hannibal scary. Awesome, puts these guys to shame.

  14. Wow… some of these comments made me think I was on youtube…

    Back on topic, Christian Bale is definitely the winner here… so authentic! :)

  15. I’m not sure why there are so many “its fake” comments, you’d think we where on Youtube.

    Has anyone spent any prolonged time with a 16 year old kid with behavioral issues? These video’s are pretty tame, albeit hilarious.

    If you watch some of his other freak outs, you’ll clearly see his parents trying to discipline him, so I guess they are all “in on it”? I’m sure they planned all along to have footage of their soon half naked trying to shove a remote up his ass all over the internet.

  16. Well, source of the comments aside, and the consensus being that because its “fake” and the “parents” were involved, making everything ok, makes me wonder.

    Has social “evolution” spurred by technology created such a wasteland of entertainment that these kinds of displays are considered entertainment, by viewer and video maker alike? I guess like the gladiator battles in ancient Rome.

    Here’s another concern, the comment: ” If you watch some of his other freak outs, you’ll clearly see his parents trying to discipline him, so I guess they are all “in on it”? I’m sure they planned all along to have footage of their soon half naked trying to shove a remote up his ass all over the internet.”

    So, they planned to let the video show all over the internet because they were in on it??? I know I wouldn’t make such a plan. If this is what passes for creativity these days, its sad. The effects of “Reality” shows has left an indelible stain on our perceptions.

    This in not parody. Seriously there are many other things to do with one’s time, one’s creativity, one’s intellect. Try it before its to late. But then, all things considered, I’ve wasted time putting a second comment on this so I guess I’m part of the problem also.

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