Camel's milk chocolate coming to the west

Al Nassma, a Dubai-based camel's milk chocolate company is planning to export its wares overseas to the US and UK. No word on whether any of the enslaved South Asian workers who make the stuff have fallen in the vats.
With 3,000 camels on its Dubai farm, the company sells chocolates through its farm-attached store as well as in luxury hotels and private airlines. It plans to launch an online shopping facility within a month, Van Almsick said. The farm is controlled by the Dubai government...

"We aim to be the Godiva [ed: Ew. Aim higher, camel chocolate man!] of the Middle East," Van Almsick said in an interview. "It's a luxury product, so we will never be in supermarkets. The plan is to be in one mall in each UAE city."

World's first camel-milk chocolates going global (via Consumerist)

(Photo: Camel, a Creative Commons Attribution photo from Victoria Reay's Flickr stream)


  1. It’s probably not grammatically correct, but that headline would be way more readable with a properly placed hyphen: “Camel’s-milk chocolate.” On first read, I thought R.J. Reynolds was bringing their Far East milk chocolate brand to the west!

  2. How can they be the equivalent of godiva when they make milk chocolate? Milk chocolate is candy, whereas dark chocolate is a refined artistic culinary experience.

    I prefer ghirardelli myself.

  3. Pic is of a Bactrian camel, not a dromedary that is used for producing this chocolate. I bought some yesterday here in Dubai – yet to try though.

  4. Where can I buy a Doovde?

    I am most interested in a Joovce Doovde. My equipment is ready for the hud.

  5. Vellon: Yes. I had images of chocolate syrup being stirred into a tall chilly glass of camel’s milk. I’m not sure if I thought it was appealing, though.

  6. “Camel-milk Chocolate” would be fine (grammatically – tastewise I think it would give me the hump and cause me to spit).

  7. Its pretty Nice actually, comes in a gold camel shaped wrapper. It tastes saltier than regular milk chocolate, which is obvious because Camel milk is saltier…its still no substitute for cow milk chocolate though…

  8. mistake number one: using milk in the chocolate. but then, i suppose that leaving it out would defeat the purpose.

  9. Milk chocolate is candy, whereas dark chocolate is a refined artistic culinary experience.

    Let me translate that for you: “Milk chocolate tastes good, and dark chocolate tastes like it would be better if only somebody added some milk.”

  10. Godiva makes milk chocolate, too. Visit their web site next time, first. As does Ghirardelli.

    “refined artistic culinary experience” :p

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