Camel's milk chocolate coming to the west


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  1. dculberson says:

    Adam, do you have a loocide toove?

  2. georigin says:

    Its pretty Nice actually, comes in a gold camel shaped wrapper. It tastes saltier than regular milk chocolate, which is obvious because Camel milk is saltier…its still no substitute for cow milk chocolate though…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Al Nassma has enslaved South Asia workers?

  4. Anonymous says:

    You can Camel’s milk buy it from ebay item number: 220673799116. You can find it through advanced search; alternatively you can copy and paste the following link:

  5. nanuq says:

    Do the camel milkmaids get danger pay?

  6. Spencer Cross says:

    It’s probably not grammatically correct, but that headline would be way more readable with a properly placed hyphen: “Camel’s-milk chocolate.” On first read, I thought R.J. Reynolds was bringing their Far East milk chocolate brand to the west!

  7. adamnvillani says:

    Milk chocolate is candy, whereas dark chocolate is a refined artistic culinary experience.

    Let me translate that for you: “Milk chocolate tastes good, and dark chocolate tastes like it would be better if only somebody added some milk.”

  8. Anonymous says:

    How can they be the equivalent of godiva when they make milk chocolate? Milk chocolate is candy, whereas dark chocolate is a refined artistic culinary experience.

    I prefer ghirardelli myself.

  9. sammich says:


  10. sammich says:

    or pro-biotic bacterian?

  11. sharjah says:

    Pic is of a Bactrian camel, not a dromedary that is used for producing this chocolate. I bought some yesterday here in Dubai – yet to try though.

  12. Adam Stanhope says:

    Where can I buy a Doovde?

    I am most interested in a Joovce Doovde. My equipment is ready for the hud.

  13. godfathersoul says:

    mistake number one: using milk in the chocolate. but then, i suppose that leaving it out would defeat the purpose.

  14. ryane says:

    this is awesome. My son is allergic to cow’s milk. Camel’s milk, not so sure.

  15. vellon says:

    Anyone else think this was chocolate camel milk and not camel milk chocolate?

  16. Anonymous says:

    you sure that’s not “caramel”?

  17. AnoniMouse says:

    Vellon: Yes. I had images of chocolate syrup being stirred into a tall chilly glass of camel’s milk. I’m not sure if I thought it was appealing, though.

  18. george57l says:

    “Camel-milk Chocolate” would be fine (grammatically – tastewise I think it would give me the hump and cause me to spit).

  19. Anonymous says:

    Godiva makes milk chocolate, too. Visit their web site next time, first. As does Ghirardelli.

    “refined artistic culinary experience” :p

  20. Anonymous says:

    #2 – Ha, they used the exact pun in a WSJ article yesterday that was actually about bringing camel milk to the US. Milking camels sounds extremely un-fun.

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