Jasmina Tešanović: "The Murder of Natalya Estemirova."


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  1. figment88 says:

    This is absolutely horrendous.

    If you want to make some statement – although it is admittedly not much in the light of the circumstances – Amnesty International USA is hosting an email drive to condemn her murder and demand an investigation.


  2. dashacker says:

    Last year, I had the opportunity to work on a small video on Natalya Estemirova for Human Rights Watch. I poured over footage of Natalya trying to help people all over Chechnya in some of the most dire circumstances you can get on tape. Calling this woman a humanitarian does not seem enough. This woman was a saint. She knew what she was doing, clearly understood that she was facing death, and knew that the longer she did what she was doing the more likely it was that something would eventually happen. Hopefully her example will not be forgotten.

  3. ian_b says:

    @1 “Our complacency is what allows this to happen, and I am the first to admit mine.”

    Was that a cleverly disguised ‘first’ post?

  4. mindysan33 says:

    Hvala, Jasmina! You are always enlightening and thought provoking!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t the superstars for once raise their voice?

    because so many of them long ago learned to NEVER criticise Russia

  6. Clay says:

    BB has many fine guest writers who inspire, educate, and entertain, but Jasmina TeÅ¡anović’s pieces always leave me with a sensation somehow beyond any others, an eloquently delivered perspective from someone who has seen the worst our human nature can produce, yet has never lost faith in humanity’s potential for good.

    Thanks, Jasmina, and thanks, BB.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “I’m sure it wouldn’t interest anybody, outside of a small circle of friends.” Over 40 years ago and Phil Ochs is unfortunately still right on the money.

  8. Anonymous says:

    thumbs up…..

  9. anglematik says:

    Thanks BB for posting this.

    Very powerful stuff, and something we need reminding of. Our complacency is what allows this to happen, and I am the first to admit mine.

  10. RevengeofPomPom says:

    Thanks, Figment, for the link. Thanks Jasmina for your powerful writing and BB for posting this. The first step in ending this or any human rights violations is to talk about it, report about it, be outraged about it. It’s a necessary if not sufficient step.

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