Ellie Frazetta, R.I.P.


Sad news: Ellie Frazetta, the wife, muse, and model for Frank Frazetta, recently passed away.

The following comment at Golden Age Comic Book Stories is amazing:

On Saturday the 18th, me, my wife and my mother-in-law were in East Stroudsburg, PA, on vacation from San Diego, CA for the purpose of visiting the Frazetta Museum. When we got there, we met another couple also there for that purpose, who broke the terrible news to us. While standing there talking, Frank Frazetta himself came out of his house, and insisted on showing us the museum, while waving away our condolences. However, he could not find the key, so he then invited us into his home! We were in Frazetta's livingroom/studio, talking to The Master, and to his son, for more than an hour or so. It is a very good thing to know that someone who's been your hero for all your life is truly a gracious, down to earth, humble and generous person in real life. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to him, his family and friends. Thanks also to you for the posting of so much of his work, and this post in particular, of his beloved and beautiful wife, Ellie.
Ellie Frazetta, R.I.P.


  1. Her parts will be forever immortalized in his works, being entwined in snakes or at the foot of a brutish monstrosity.

  2. On the off chance that anyone doesn’t know, Painting With Fire is an incredible docu about FF’s life and work. Very personal and intimate. Ellie was included, along with many other family members, giving great insight into the man’s real life.

  3. I forgot to mention that Ellie was the one to go around and collect all the paintings that Frank left with publishers who “forgot” to return them.

  4. When I was in college, 30 years ago, I had a friend who was hitchhiking through PA and he stopped by the Frazetta farm, hoping to get an autograph. He felt kind of bad about showing up unannounced, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity. He said that he knocked on the door, answered by Ellie, and timidly asked about an autograph. She grabbed him, drug him inside, fed him, introduced him to the family, gave him a grand tour of the place and sold him several posters, that Frank then, under her steely eye autographed. He was completely charmed by them and became a fan for life.

  5. I keep returning to the photograph of her. I never knew her, but somehow that image makes me glad to know of her.

  6. Wow. How rare to see the passing of a famous artist’s wife garner such attention in the media. It’s a testament to what a truly unique person she was, the perfect compliment to her husband. Ellie was definitely the “woman behind the man”. Great photo choice of Ellie by the way. My sympathies to the Frazetta family.

  7. i was introduced to fraank frazetta’s work when i was in my early teens, by way of the conan paperbacks. from there i wwent to the library and got a book of more frazetta art. of course i fell in love with all the gorgeous women he portrayed so beautifully. now i find out his wife was his model. wow. god bless him and his beautiful ellie in every way!


  8. I had the opportunity to meet Ellie a decade ago during one of Frank’s convention appearances. She was a wonderful, engaging person and great conversationalist (though I’d forgotten exactly what we discussed). As others have said, it was clear to me having met her that she was a huge part of Frank’s success.

    My condolences to Frank and to the rest of the Frazetta family.

  9. never had the chance to meet frank frazetta and his wife though i m a fan since i was 12 or so.His art contributed to make me what i am today as an artist and animator.i guess his wife was his inspiration all along and one can easily understand that it s not only his love who passed away but also what his paintings were made of
    my true condoleances to the frazetta family
    R.I.P and long live the queen

  10. In 2005, my two friends and I made the trek from Massachusetts to the museum. Ellie needed help opening a box and I volunteered. The next thing we knew, Ellie is walking around the museum with us, telling us the stories behind the paintings…basically, she was our personal tour guide for the whole weekend…and then, right before it was time for us to go, she says: “Would you like to meet Frank?” She brought us into the house, left us alone for a time so we could view all the artwork in the house, and then brought us into Frank’s studio. But Ellie still wasn’t done…we bought a couple of posters and had them autographed…well, Ellie took some of our payment, pushed it back into our hands and said dinner is on us. That weekend was memorable not just because we got to meet Frank Frazetta, it was memorable because we got to meet Ellie Frazetta.

  11. I guessi can say i spent some time with the Frazetta family for a good few years. My husband and i inspired by franks work had met the family, since we only lived a town away. My husband temporarily was in business with frank Jr. They built a beautiful minature golf course together. Well durin this time we had the ability to hang with Frank, play golf with frank, hang at his home. What a genuine man. Very unique and rare. I enjoyed watching some of his grandchildren grow and such fun partys his children threw.During this whole time Mrs. Frazetta which is the way i always called her was a the backbone of her family. She was so proud of her family.She truly was an intelligent strong women. I always knew that many of his drawings resembled her, Her hair and figure etc. I guess she was Franks role model. We still live in the same town and both Billy and i are truly sorry hearing about her passing.

  12. I have been a Frank Frazetta fan since the early 1970’s through the Conan comic books, I used to draw from them and I have always been impressed with his technique and skills. recently I moved to East Stroudsburg and I finally had a chance to visit Frank’s museum and for any fan it is a must see. There are 90 odd original oil painting’s, pencil drawings as well as pen and ink drawing’s. I brought my 12 year old son and he bought numerous comic books and collectables.

  13. My wife and I made our trek from St. Louis to the Frazetta museum in 2006 and were blown away by her gracious hospitality and grateful for her time. We are both saddened by her passing and hope she will rest in peace.

    And Frank Jr., you should be ashamed of yourself.

  14. Wow – I just finished the documentary last night and wanted to know more about the Frazetta and I find this about his wife and more about his son. What a sad postscript to a very interesting documentary. From what the documentary said, she seemed like a pretty fantastic wife and lady.

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