London mapped in Warcraft II style

Jeffrey sez, "Take a look at this map of London with a Warcraft II theme; I used GSS/Geographic Stylesheets and Cartagen to create a custom map style that displays the entire world as if it were a Warcraft II level. This was done to showcase the abilities of the dynamic mapping framework Cartagen, which is open-source and runs in HTML5's Canvas element. No Java or Flash!"

Warcraft map stylesheet for London (Thanks, Jeffrey!)


  1. Let’s make this a thread about the pros and cons of MMORPG respective to WoW again, shall we? That made for an interesting thread last time. Why do you play and/or why did you quit?

  2. He made a map of London? Doesn’t he know they consider that an act of terrorism?

  3. Chocolatey Shatner: it is illegal under the Terrorism Act to photograph, map, describe or discuss the City of London.

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