Full-size lego house

James "Top Gear" May is asking for volunteers to help construct a two-story lego house in Surrey, England. The project is part of his BBC program, Toy Stories. From Get Surrey:
On Friday, more than three million Lego bricks were delivered to the vineyard in preparation for the task.

Denbies marketing and business development manager, Jeanette Simpson, said: “The millions of bricks came all the way from the Czech Republic. The house will be life-size with a staircase, toilet and shower.”
"Lego house attempt for James May's Toy Stories" (via Neatorama)


  1. Wonderful idea, but I think I’d give the Lego toilet a miss. Thousands of little round Lego logos stamped on my butt….

  2. @ Avram

    You could use the smooth Lego tiles to top it off and avoid that dimpled look.

  3. I’ve sent in my request to volunteer, listing myself as an experienced LEGO construction engineer. We’ll see if they get back to me.

  4. The only problem I see: 3 million is not enough Legos.

    IIRC, MythBusters made a 7-foot diameter “sphere” of Legos, and it took about 500,000 to make. To me, a full-size Lego house would require about 5x their amount.

  5. #6: I was going to say the same thing. There’s no way 3 Million would be enough, especially if you want the house to be structurally sound.

    Also, the Mythbusters had a hard time actually finding that many LEGO.

  6. Also, the Mythbusters had a hard time actually finding that many LEGO.

    Mythbusters made a big deal about the quantity to fill time on their show, and got all the bricks they needed loaned to them by a single individual.

  7. As a LEGO fan, this fills me with two thoughts.

    1. They stole my dream house idea.
    2. Same as with mythbusters, as someone who likes having many plain bricks, the pressure these kinds of buys put on the loose brick market can be severe.

    Also, as other commenters have said, 3 million won’t be close to enough unless they are using other structural materials to help.

    Still very cool.

  8. Well, here’s a question – how BIG a house are we talking about? They’re saying two stories, but you can build two stories on a 7 feet x 5 feet footprint, with the spiral staircase in the back and the “upstairs” consisting of NOTHING but that toilet… and the downstairs being a place to stand when you aren’t on the staircase.

    Just, yknow, don’t put it out in a strong wind – it’ll be a mite top-heavy.

  9. Hmmm. A part of me is thinking “how awesome”, being a lifelong LEGO user, but I am remembering all the times I visit LEGOLand down in Carlsbad, CA, and seeing all of their Miniland installations.

    Perhaps it’s the relentless California sun, but those things are not designed for outdoor use. They fade, they become brittle, and they’re fantastic vessels for hard water stains. LEGOLand used to be a lot of fun, but now it’s decrepit and sad.

    In England they won’t get as much sun, but I can’t imagine they’ll hold up for very long with so much moisture.

    It’s a cool idea, but reality may intervene.

  10. Better idea: Manufacture building materials which are built exactly like Lego only larger.

    They call that stuff Duplo and I think you’re missing the point.

    I can’t wait to move in!

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