Movie family portraits

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Kirk Demarais created a series of colored pencil portraits depicting some favorite families from Hollywood films. The latest pieces are on display until August 8 at Gallery1988 Los Angeles' Crazy 4 Cult: 3-D group art show. "Kirk Demarais's paintings of movie families" (via Dangerous Minds)


  1. Does anyone know if any of this stuff is licensed creative commons so that i can print my own? Also i’m looking for high rez scans of any of this work. Thanks!

  2. Hey Mothy, the artist here, the images I have of these aren’t all that great (high-ish res photos), but if you email me (kirkd at I’ll send you what I’ve got and you can print away.

    (Thanks for boinging me David!!)

  3. hey, these are great. you could work for wes anderson! seems like he always features painted portraits of his characters in his movies.

  4. very well done. I just had to have a print of “the torrances” – gallery is very friendly – wish I were closer to LA and able to see the whole crazy 4 cult showing!

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