Mystery crash in Ottawa River?

Last night, dozens of witnesses reported seeing lights and hearing an explosion as something crashed into the Ottawa River. Search-and-rescue crews from Ottawa and Gatineau showed up but so far, haven't found anything. Was it an airplane? According to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, no planes are missing. Maybe it was a meteorite? Or.. something else? (I'm kidding. Kinda.) From the Ottawa Citizen:
Dr. Dirk Keenan was sailing with some friends out of the Nepean Yacht Club when they saw the light of what looked like a small aircraft to the east, close to the Quebec shore.

“I noticed the light coming down. It was like a headlight, very bright,” Keenan said Tuesday morning. “It descended very rapidly, levelled off, then disappeared.”

Keenan, a student pilot himself, thought it looked like the pilot had lost control and gone into a dive, then briefly recovered before going down. Keenan steered his boat toward the position, but didn’t dare get too close to the rapids in the dark. The lights appeared to vanish into the river or into the forest on the Quebec side.
"Search resumes for small plane feared crashed in river"


    1. its a unidentified submersible object a USO. how do they know it crashed??or was it dipping in the river to cool off?? thats the only logical explanation i can think of why it would go in water that or maybe it was collecting water for some reason. they needed a drink?? ive seen a craft in the 80s as a wasnt very big, about the length of a couple small cars bumper to bumper.saucer shaped…lotsa colors. and it was not very graceful like some reports also it did not bolt away like the ufos chased by f-16’s. it had what appeared to be windows but they were very small.for many years i thought this was a dream.recently i learned that you dream what you have already seen. theres more to this story but im not gonna follow up this comment so theres no point.

  1. very interesting….and now the story is updated with “something found”.

    fingers crossed!!

  2. This story needs to get to the stage where the army is brought in and a bunch of white tents get set up.

    Sadly, the next bit of news will probably burst our hope bubble.

    Probably a drug or smokes smuggling plane, which is still interesting.

  3. The ‘or something else?’ link points to a Wikipedia article on Roswell. This link – – seems more appropriate.

    Apparently there’s prior history of Canadians reporting mysterious illuminated objects crashing into bodies of water.

    Explaining why that could be is left as an exercise for the reader.

  4. I have heard many MANY stories about UFO sightings around the Ottawa Valley, that this doesn’t come as a surprise. My parents once saw the same thing when driving in the area late at night. Big bright lights, came down close to a river they were driving beside and the radio station (CFRA, I believe) was flooded with calls about a sighting!

  5. ICE has UAV’s that they use in drug interdiction operations in that region of both the US and Canadian borders of Lake Ontario, and it is possible a similar Canadian agency might also have them and that somebody on one-side-or-the-other is now missing one…

  6. And now they say what they found is a rock or a bunch of logs… so… uh.. did they check? cuz last time I saw a rock and a bunch of logs they were distinct and different. Sounds like a hokey search to me.

  7. #9 – You think they could test to see if they were logs because logs float. And what else floats? Ducks. So weigh the mysterious object and if it weighs the same as a duck, it’s a log! And that means it’s a witch!

  8. I live in Ottawa and this is the first I’ve heard about this – it’s not exactly a big story here (yet?).
    In June two Chinese exchange students tried to paddle a raft across the river right there. They obviously didn’t realise quite how strong the current was going to be and (it is assumed) they were swept into the Deschenes rapids that are still huge and ferocious in the early summer. Their bodies were found weeks later, and miles downstream beyond the city.

    #9, #10 – this is an area where they used to float vast rafts of logs, and some would become waterlogged and sink. So this is apparently what they think they might have seen. Still, I would have thought that the riverbed there would be extensively mapped for such things.

  9. Was it “Invaders from Mars” when the UFO burrows into the ground to avoid detection? Check for little black dots on the back of anyone’s neck who is acting strangely..

  10. David Pescovitz @3 @PAULR, I was so tempted, believe me….

    Well, if it’s flying and it’s unidentified, you can honestly say that it’s a UFO. We’ve gotten used to UFO implying little green men, but really any flying object that can’t be identified is a UFO.

  11. 1st, it might just well be a UFO. People are reporting them more and more around the world.
    2nd, for sure, they found something and for sure its odd because the news and papers are misleading, so i’ve noticed.
    3rd, officials just stop looking saying its logs or a big rock, weird…
    4th last week an elicopter stayed in the sky for about an hour and when the crach happened an elicopter was in the sky for a long time. found out it was the army, so the news anounced.
    5th, if it was a UFO, we would probably never find out since this info is so well mislead and hidden by governments of the world, why, I dont know…

  12. jackie31337 @ 14:

    Yes, we have to regain control of the acronym from those who subscribe to the Fortean Times.

  13. To Jackie,

    We, that subscribe to the Fortean times don’t just jump on the UFO side of the rope! We like to figure out the real scenario behind the event. It would seem it was most likley a Comet. It would be a nice find if it is possible to retrieve it from the river, which does not seem likely.

    UFO’s there are many. Aliens, the jury is still out! :)


  14. >Maybe it was a meteorite? Or.. something else? (I’m kidding. Kinda.) From the Ottawa Citizen:

    Well, we know *something* hit the water. So if it wasn’t a meteorite, and it wasn’t a plane, it had to be “something else”. To suggest something and then say “kinda” kidding is simply a hedge for your credibility sake’s, and IMO, pretty wimpy.

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