Kerry Tribe's H.M.


4 Responses to “Kerry Tribe's H.M.”

  1. wrybread says:

    I’d love to see this. If it happens to come anywhere near San Francisco, please post or if possible email my username

  2. Anonymous says:

    vry vry cool.
    i look forward to seeing it.

    bri @ lovevolution

  3. Anonymous says:

    I saw this piece at the Whitney Biennial earlier this year, and it was outright stunning. I’d never been so mesmerized by a video piece. In fact, I came across this post in hopes there was at least a small sampling of it online.

    If you have a chance to see in person, do so. And stay for the whole thing. It’s absolutely worth it.

    Walker Pickering
    Austin, TX

  4. halfvenus says:

    H.M. recently passed away, which makes this piece even more poignant. Hope it comes to DC.

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