Creepy Russian high-voltage towers

These beautiful high-voltage towers in Istra, Russia, near Moscow are the Experimental Grounds for High-Voltage Generation. They still light up and fire streaks of lightning into the night.

Creepy High Voltage Installations (Thanks, Bill!)

(Image: Master Z Great)


  1. The vertical parts remind me of tarantula legs.

    More trippy Russian design aesthetic. (Is that a series of tubes?)

  2. Every time it rained they probably had to wait a week for the thing to dry out before using it.

  3. As a Slavic Russian let me chime in: Russian cultural products seem creepy to North Americans and Europeans because Russians openly and persistently ruminate on our mortality, which comes across in our literature, art, playground equipment, and the like.

    The weirdness is reciprocal, however: How in the hell can you be so enamored by Obama, who is a fragile mortal leading a short, brutish life? … Dick Cheney, now, that is a soul to relate to…

  4. #18 I must be a Slavic Russian at heart because I completely relate your sentiment. Maybe I’m just a malcontent,

  5. Looks like a Marx generator.

    There are a few similar structures used for particle physics experiments in the US — 36 Marx generators power Sandia’s Z Machine, while a pair of similar-looking Cockcroft-Walton generators serve as one of Fermilab’s particle sources.

  6. “You fools! Those are Tesla coils!”

    Wrong!!! Those are not Tesla Coils but Transformer Units high above ground to power a Marx Generator.

    The Marx Generator is not in this picture but inside a big tower. Also on site there is a Cockcroft–Walton generator with it’s own Transformer Units.

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