Geektastic: anthology of nerdy fiction and comics


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  1. Ben Mautner says:

    Cory, thank you for the great review! I designed the book and just want to point out to everyone that the brilliant Eboy did all the illustrations. BB readers know them as the designers of the BB logos, amazing posters, and the awesome Peecol series, which inspired these drawings.

  2. runwithskizzers says:

    I actually read a galley of this a few months ago (it came with some delicious geektastic candy) – it was pretty fantastic for geeky / nerdy kids. Holly & Cecil came up with a great anthology! I wish I’d had this when I was in High School… then I probably wouldn’t have read Ophelia Speaks 500 times.

  3. checht says:

    Aloha Cory,

    A quick note on usage of the diacritical ‘okina ( ‘ ). As a writer based out of Keauhou on the Big Island, I puzzled over proper use until I consulted a local copy editor/publisher friend.

    The okina is used only when a word appears as it would when used in Hawaiian, not in an anglicized version of a word. So, “Hawai‘i charter schools deserve better funding” is correct, but “Hawai‘i’s charter schools face 25% budget cuts.” is incorrect. Likewise, it’s “Hawaiian” not “Hawai‘ian”.

    Mahalo for respecting the language and culture and trying!

  4. Mia MacHatton says:

    Just FYI, it’s Bryan Lee O’Malley, not Brendon.

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