Water-fueled "jet pack"

The Jetlev-Flyer is a tethered jet pack that uses water instead of rocket fuel. The pressurized water is pumped up a hose attached to a custom Jet-Ski. From Popular Science:
Waterjetpack It took four prototypes and more than 200 flight tests to get it right. But now, with a mere 30-pound pack, the Jetlev-Flyer is almost ready for production, generating 430 pounds of thrust and letting (Raymond) Li fly forward at 22 mph up to three stories high. His next unit will get up to 35 mph. Want one? Late this year, the craft will go on sale–just be ready to dish out close to 130 grand.
"A Water-Powered Jetpack"


  1. 1. he’s not wearing a helmet?

    2. Hey, Super Mario Sunshine!

    3. Wait a minute. Mario never wears a helmet!

  2. Powered needs to be in quotes as well.

    Is a car “rubber powered” because it uses wheels to move?

    1. Still a bloody waste of water.

      I don’t think that the water is being ejected to another dimension.

  3. This looks amazingly fun, but calling it “water-fueled” is misleading.

    The water jets are just the means of propulsion. The article mentions a (presumably gas-fueled) 260hp engine that powers the onboard pump to creates the jets.

  4. I almost bought one, but I’m waiting for the gasoline / twin flamethrower version. People of Earth! Fear me!

  5. And what happens when you fly a little too high and drag your water supply hose out of the lake?

  6. So I can go 22 mph, until the hose runs out.

    Reminds me of those plug-in electric cars, complete with extra long extension cord.

  7. @ Jimkirk:

    The pump trails along behind you in the lake. It’s not for commuting, it’s for fun- like a jet ski. That can FLY.

  8. Heaven forbid that you should accidentally swing your leg under one of those jets. Instant self-flaying.

  9. any liquid could serve as reaction mass. A tanker truck of slaughterhouse blood for example.

  10. @23

    I like the way you think.

    I wonder if they guy who did the art installation featuring the cube full of semen still has it all…

    Man 1: “Is that guy flying towards us?”

    Man 2: “Huh? Wait. What’s that smell?”

    Man 1: “RUN! OH GOD RUN!”

    Me: “Muhahaha!”

    1. And once potable water is sprayed out of this contraption, it ceases to be potable.

      Isn’t he in a lake? With speedboats and jet-skis? Do we think that water districts will allow jet packs in reservoirs?

  11. I prefer the original, even though the hydrogen peroxide empties out way too fast! Somebody got to have a better solution!

  12. And once potable water is sprayed out of this contraption, it ceases to be potable.

    because nothing poisons water like pumping it?

  13. Of all the things to do with a new jet-pack, who’s crazy idea was it to give it to the Hitler impersonator?

  14. He’s not flying. He’s still attached to the ground. That pipe is not a tether, it’s part of the propulsion system.

    Might as well buy a small crane and a large garden hose.

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