Pantsed celebrity photoshopping contest


5 Responses to “Pantsed celebrity photoshopping contest”

  1. ion_stasi says:

    ¿Dónde están mis pantalones?

  2. chgoliz says:

    Anyone else notice that most of the panties/legs used were of women, even though almost all of the celebrities were men?

    Is it that hard to find available public photos of men in underwear?

    Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

  3. Chocolatey Shatner says:

    @ Dorothy: Yeah, Hugh’s pretty hot, but after seeing Wolverine, I’m more of a Liev Schreiber lover now. If only he was interested in dudes instead of chicks…

  4. RainyRat says:

    Good lord! He’s got a huge ackman!

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