Thanks for having us!


6 Responses to “Thanks for having us!”

  1. Xopher says:

    Thanks! You were great, and trust me that I do NOT say that to all the guest bloggers!

  2. Newman says:

    Awww… I will miss you guys. You were the best guest bloggers to-date, in my opinion.

  3. meek says:

    It was nice having you! I really enjoyed your particular brand of insanity.

  4. Fred H says:

    That elephant electronic part was pure gibberish. Keep up the good work! Your guys were the perfect mix of quantity and quality. Well, except that elephant thing. That was pushing it.

  5. lolbrandon says:

    I honestly haven’t enjoyed many of the BB Guest Bloggers, but I really enjoyed your links and stories. Thanks for sharing, come back soon!

  6. MB says:

    Quite enjoyed your flavor.

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