Mark Dery guestblogging on Boing Boing


7 Responses to “Mark Dery guestblogging on Boing Boing”

  1. M. Dery says:

    Many thanks. “Alakazam—ZUZU”? [[scratches head in puzzlement]]

  2. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Great to have Mark D on board. Always a pleasure and a thought-provocation.

    Hope you have fun in Rome, Mark.

  3. superforestnyc says:

    Welcome back!

  4. Doran says:

    This should be a fun ride.

  5. RevelryByNight says:

    Oh, this is going to be exciting. Looking forward to it!

  6. M. Dery says:

    How kind of you to say, Gareth. Actually, I’m back from Italy, now, and blogging about my Grand Tour, er, post-mortem.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I hereby invoke — alakazam — ZUZU!

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