Video: Henry Rollins vs. The Techno Viking

Here's Henry Rollins mashed up with The Techno Viking, by Steve Porter. (Thanks, Rodney Ascher!)


  1. technoviking would kick henry rollins’ aging post-punk ass, but in a thoroughly proper and righteous way

  2. the Viking’s GOD would never dance to this cheese techno track…

    but anwyay who is this henry rollins?!

  3. hmmm, like black flag sounded any less shitty than techno. seriously, most punk sounds like assssss.

  4. I am a huge fan of Rollins, but he needs to not be fighting anyone these days… I bumped into him in the Trader Joe’s about a month ago, and almost didn’t recognize him…

    I said to myself, “hey, that really old dude kinda looks like Rollins… oh wait…”

  5. There’s some problem with the way your posts are being copied to Facebook. No embedded video or link shows over there for this; it has happened with others too.

  6. Woah, when did HR start telling those punk kids to get off his lawn? Kill your heroes, indeed…

  7. A previous and superior version of this was done on Modeselektor – Boogy Bytes Vol. 3 in 2007.

  8. That was fun, though it seems to me that Henry Rollins spends all his time making fun of other genres of music nowadays.

  9. I still hold a grudge against Henry Rollins. I went away for the summer between my freshman and sophomore years, and during the summer the school rented my dorm room to two Black Flag groupies. One night the band came to visit them and they totally trashed my room. When I came back in the fall there was new plaster and carpeting everywhere, and all the nifty murals on the walls were gone.

  10. Henry Rollins denigrating people for being self-important. Right.

    Heruraha: Isn’t he like five three, like Glenn Danzig?

  11. Regardless of your position on techno, Black Flag and/or Henry Rollins, the video is self-evidently amusing, I would hope.
    Having opinions on all of the above, I was laughing throughout.

    Which reminds me – if the robots win, we’ll have to listen to techno…

  12. You have to admire Henry for managing to make a career out of not being particularly good or talented at anything. I guess that is his true genius.

  13. I can’t believe how obviously dense you all are. Rollins is a god. Not THE god, but A god.

  14. Henry Rollins could kick the ass of Chuck Norris and the Dos XX Interesting man at the same time with his feet tied behind his back.

  15. I admire Henry Rollins for living the kind of life that the average BB commenter can only dream of.

  16. I’m going to fall on the side of the Techno Viking because a) I like techno, b) it’s always fun to see a dude dancing in public without any shame and c) I don’t like Rollin’s language. I have virgin ears (har) and just have always felt that people who feel the need to use profanity liberally like that are unimaginative. Yes, you can call me prudish.

  17. I dig Rollins and I dig electronica. This rant, unedited, is a bit tongue and cheek actually.

    If you haven’t seen his speak recently, he saves his real hostility for politics. Otherwise, he’s become very grounded and self-effacing over the last decade plus, making fun of his own height (short), his age, and the fact every time a tough-looking, young fan approaches him his first fleeting thought is how worried he is his old man ass is about to be kicked.

  18. Rollins is always angry about everything. Even when he says he likes things. I saw him interviewing Steve Buscemi and he said that he admired him, but I find it really hard to believe him when he says it in such an intense and angry way. He’s basically Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.

  19. Rollins’ only contribution to the world has been a ceaseless torrent of angry idiot noises. Techno Viking is blank-eyed internet meme. But together, they cancel each other out and actually seem somewhat entertaining. It’s like multimedia chemistry in action.

  20. @#37, Ha! Yeah, like vinegar and baking soda together. Separate: common, uneventful. Together: full of WIN!

  21. I suffered through one of his spoken word records once… suffice to say I’d rather spend my time listening to z-grade trance.

  22. When I was a teen I skated to Bauhaus, D.I., Descendants and Black Flag. Now that I’m 40 all I listen to is EDM.

    I enjoy HR, even his spoken word stuff… but this just shows me that he hasn’t evolved past 1985. Since we’re the same age he can’t blame it on getting old, he’s just not moving forward.

    Oh, and there’s *nothing* shitty about a drug that makes you feel like you’re wearing pants made of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

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