Alaska: Geeks dwell here, too, it's not all Palin and mush-dog races.

Pat Race of Alaska Robotics, whose "Buy Back Alaska" video was featured here a couple years ago, has created a new video about crushing absurdity of national economics. It's embedded above, and I think it's sweet and funny in a homey, dorky, "I made this!" way.

From the land of Sarah Palin, meth shacks, and aerial elk-massacres, he emails Boing Boing:

Alaska Robotics is Pat Race, Aaron Suring, Lou Logan, Sarah Asper-Smith, and whoever else falls into our cast of friends and family. We live in Juneau where we make short films, draw comics, and eat halibut. We organize screenings of locally made short films twice a year and also work to bring filmmakers, animators and writers north to teach workshops.

If you're interested, there are a bunch of other films on our site, I like these ones: Socks, The Big Joke, Butterfly Kisses, Town vs. Valley, Nipple Fire, High Five.



  1. Alaska Robotics videos saved my life. I’m not just saying that because I too am from Juneau.

  2. Made me smile. With friends at work we joke all day long. It makes the less funny parts pass. Very little of our smartness would sell at a national level, but we sure laugh a lot more heartily than at most comedian show. That’s how this felt.

    Not just anyone would think of bringing us simple, neat moments like these. TY

  3. I thought I was the only one to play with the “vegetable steamer” when I was a kid.. and well.. now, at age 36 with my children.

  4. Seriously, I thought I was crazy for thinking vegetable steamers looked like UFOs. Good to see that there are others like me. Thank you Internetz for bringing us together!

  5. The most fascinating thing about that video is the scenery behind them – beautiful old buildings, beautiful hills/mountains covered in evergreens…

    I’d like to see a video tour of Juneau by these guys.

  6. There are two little hints which make it very, very likely that at least one of these guys plays City of Heroes. Long-distance micro-cultural connections are so strange.

  7. #9

    They just know how to shoot around all the touristy stuff that’s up there. If you go to Juneau, the downtown is almost all tourist shops now, it’s kind of sad.

    I grew up there, and there’s so many beautiful spots, and so much to see, and the first impression that everyone who gets off the boat gets is “tourist trap”.

  8. I’ve pretty much stopped mentioning where I grew up to new acquaintances (which was Anchorage).

    Since last year, every time it comes up I get a query whether or not everyone in Alaska is as crazy as Palin. Granted, there are a lot of loony people up there but the ratio is no worse than it is anywhere else.

    Alaska’s a great place, really. If you consider yourself an outdoors type, you owe it to yourself to get up there in the summer at least once. If you go twice, make the second visit in the winter. ;)

  9. Oh Pat and Lou, you crazy guys. Good to see you on Boingboing again. I hate the Silverbow, however.

  10. Yay for Pat and Lou! I went to high school with Pat at good ol’ JDHS. That video made me nostalgic for the good places in Juneau. Also, for dancing in front of the Governor’s Mansion, from which you cannot, in fact, see Russia. Mount Jumbo is in the way.

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