John Kricfalusi pitches George Liquor show to Comic Con audience

Here's Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi doing a live pitch of his proposed George Liquor Program to folks at Comic Con.

He says the inspiration for one episode came from his father, who grew up during the Depression and was always careful with his money after that. His father, said John, would buy cans without labels from the supermarket, which sold them for five or tens cents a can. Whatever happened to be in the can is what the family would eat.

Here's part 2.

Here's are a lot of photos and illustrations of John and George Liquor.


  1. Heck, my family did the labeless-can thing.

    My mother counted on them having vegetables.

    If we ended up with Alpo, we gave the can to a neighbor who had a dog.

  2. JohnK has some good ideas, but I have a hard time supporting someone who claims that 60s era toys were better than the toys that are out there right now. It’s just not true… I wish I were a kid again when I walk past the toy aisles.

  3. I remember George Liquor when it was the Flash-based Goddamn George Liquor Program on Icebox. Can’t say I was I fan. And, you know, that whole…thing with Billy West and Ren & Stimpy was a bit odd. So…enh.

  4. #4, i don’t believe ALL kids’ toys then are better than ALL kids’ toys now, but i can say that i miss when not everything was made of cheap plastic, and when toys fostered creativity. The overactive mind of a kid could fill in the gaps of poor sculpting, etc, during playtime. i was only a kid in the 80’s and i can still look down the toy aisle and see that much has been sapped from the stuff produced today. That said, i’d have killed someone for some of these dress-ups and Nerf blasters they’ve got now. Fortunately, i earn a livable wage and can afford the latter.

    i’m likely biased because of my deep-seated love for John K from Ren & Stimpy, but i loved George in the old Icebox cartoon, and i’ve dug pretty much everything K and Spumco have done. i hope the new show gets through all the hoops. i’ll definitely be on board.


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