John Kricfalusi pitches George Liquor show to Comic Con audience


6 Responses to “John Kricfalusi pitches George Liquor show to Comic Con audience”

  1. aldasin says:

    If I normally ate food out of cans, I would appreciate a little randomness.

  2. jbristow says:

    JohnK has some good ideas, but I have a hard time supporting someone who claims that 60s era toys were better than the toys that are out there right now. It’s just not true… I wish I were a kid again when I walk past the toy aisles.

  3. Tony Moore says:

    #4, i don’t believe ALL kids’ toys then are better than ALL kids’ toys now, but i can say that i miss when not everything was made of cheap plastic, and when toys fostered creativity. The overactive mind of a kid could fill in the gaps of poor sculpting, etc, during playtime. i was only a kid in the 80′s and i can still look down the toy aisle and see that much has been sapped from the stuff produced today. That said, i’d have killed someone for some of these dress-ups and Nerf blasters they’ve got now. Fortunately, i earn a livable wage and can afford the latter.

    i’m likely biased because of my deep-seated love for John K from Ren & Stimpy, but i loved George in the old Icebox cartoon, and i’ve dug pretty much everything K and Spumco have done. i hope the new show gets through all the hoops. i’ll definitely be on board.


  4. IWood says:

    I remember George Liquor when it was the Flash-based Goddamn George Liquor Program on Icebox. Can’t say I was I fan. And, you know, that whole…thing with Billy West and Ren & Stimpy was a bit odd. So…enh.

  5. Ugly Canuck says:

    Save my horse!

  6. Stefan Jones says:

    Heck, my family did the labeless-can thing.

    My mother counted on them having vegetables.

    If we ended up with Alpo, we gave the can to a neighbor who had a dog.

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