Warren Ellis: "The future is small."


6 Responses to “Warren Ellis: "The future is small."”

  1. TJ S says:

    I think “apocalyptopoetic” is my new favorite fake word.

  2. bjacques says:

    And for quoting Andy Warhol’s “Frankenstein!”

  3. Daemon says:

    Ellis just scored bonus points from me for mentioning Intron Depot.

  4. Super Nate says:

    I hope that by the time we are at that level, we can pack and make useful data in much smaller spaces.

  5. digitalcole says:

    Cool for mentioning Masamune Shirow.

  6. Chris S says:

    500 THz (terahertz) might be a usable frequency. I think there have been usable receivers in that range, and that frequecy is known to penetrate tissue if you want to embed your device in the body.

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