Jon Sarriugarte's fire pit kits

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BB readers may remember the amazing Golden Mean snail car and Boiler Bar, created by blacksmith and oilpunk artist Jon Sarriugarte. For years, Jon has also built beautiful fire pits, flaming zen gardens, and patio heaters. Sometimes he sells them, but he's always encouraged folks to make their own. Finding the right fittings, regulators, and tubes can be a hassle though, so now Jon is offering fire pit kits. They start at $95. From Jon's Form and Reform site:
(For a fire pit,) in addition to these kits you will need a container that is able to handle high temperatures and be fully sealed underneath (leaks or drain holes will also allow gas out). A 55 gal drum works good. The weldable coupler provided will need to be welded though the bottom, legs added, then simply attach the fittings, ring, hose, propane BBQ tank and add sand. Sand should be 3-4″ above the ring. This is a match light system and I like those plumbing torches to light mine. Light the torch, then turn on the gas with the flame above the sand. It will take several seconds for the sand to fill with gas and rise to the top. Once lit it’s time to play in the sand with simple tools. This works best after dark when you can turn the flame down very low tell you only see a blue flame.

Fire is hot! DO NOT TOUCH the sand.
Fire Pit Kits for Sale