Someone Once Told me photography project

Killthesnakes Mario Cacciottolo came to Los Angeles and took my photo for his "Someone Once Told Me," photography project. He has taken 700 photos of people holding hand-lettered signs quoting something someone once told the subject.

My quote was something my grandmother told me when I was very young. Her parents were killed in Russia during the revolution and she had to forage in the forest for a while. She developed a fear of snakes there, probably Vipera berus.

The photos and signs are a lot of fun to browse through.

Someone Once Told Me


  1. I don’t know whether this is off-topic or not but… Forest fires are actually pretty important to the forest ecosystem.

    For example, a particular hardwood forest can normally be described by it’s dominant species (oak/hickory or beech/maple are two common examples). Maple/beech forests will dominate in more moist soils and, over time, tend crowd out oak/hickories. But oak/hickories have thicker bark and are more resilient to forest fires. So the fires help keep a good balance of trees.

  2. This is such a great project. The pleasure I get out of seeing these images stems from all the (possible) backstory my brain makes up, trying to connect the written note and the person in the photograph.

  3. Odd. Were it not for the theme being letter-centric, I wouldn’t have noticed the sandwich board sign in the back upper right.

  4. My (public) grade school science teacher told me all sorts of whacky stuff, like if you jumped off a building, you would be dead of a heart attack before you hit the pavement.

    The most annoying one was that if you started with cold water rather than hot water, you can bring a pot of water to a boil more quickly.

    I probably used cold water to start a boil until I was 22 or so.

  5. My (german) grandmother told me a lot of things… about the war… none of them are the kind of things I feel necessary to share with the world. Did your grandmother ever tell you anything more useful than that?

  6. A Boy’s Bedroom: His weed is always in his underwear drawer.

    This system never worked for me. Probably due to the fact I didn’t really have an underwear drawer. More like an underwear floor spot. Well 2 of them. One clean and one dirty.

    My weed was always hidden behind some books on my bookshelf.

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