Mugshots from 1903 in curious series

 Trutv Thesmokinggun.Com Graphics Packageart Mugshots Mugtrio Spotted on The Smoking Gun, this fascinating group of mugshots from 1903 depicts three gentlemen "photographed with hats on, with hats off, and finally, dressed and groomed for their new digs."


  1. The sign by the person on the left says “E., V.Methever”, 57 years. he was hanged for murder on 10th may 1901. See “”

  2. Actually, it appears they are wearing striped vests over their striped shirts.

    Not that the same hypothesis wouldn’t apply…

    I wonder if they had striped jackets – 3-piece prison suit?

  3. Could the guy in the middle be an ACTUAL “Coolie” ?!

    The guy on the left with a caved in head appears to be in for “First Degree Murder” with a sentence of Death.

    They let caved-in-head-guy keep his mustache, but the guy on the right appears to have lost him during intake.

  4. The mugshots on the SG site combined with the revelations from the slightly newer posting about trickery on the part of the NYC police give me a very icky feeling. Or maybe it’s just the photos themselves. Just another shining example of our tax dollars at work I guess.

  5. Love how the guy on the right has a mustache-tan on the bottom pic, though I still don’t get why he had to shave and death-sentence bro only had to trim.

  6. @7

    I’m guessing the cops in 1903 had little to stop them from administering a beating during the arrest or after to get a confession.

  7. In both top two rows, the two left images are identical except for their hats; the head on the guy on the right has been rotated. These are Photoshopped images from when?

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