BB Video: Xeni with Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh (pt 1)

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Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, co-creators, writers, and stars of the hit "psychedelic comedy" series The Mighty Boosh, stopped to talk with Boing Boing Video during a recent US tour.

Their show has been aptly described as "a Sid and Marty Krofft production engineered by Frank Zappa [with] fantastic plots, genre parody, warped songcraft and quick-witted off-road conversations." Barratt and Fielding crafted a weird, playful universe with odd characters -- a talking gorilla, a stoned shaman, a tentacled and disembodied hot pink head -- that quickly converts viewers into obsessed fans.

The Boosh gang were in the states to promote the US release of a three-season DVD set, also available on iTunes. They drew crazed costumed throngs of fans at Comic-Con and signing appearances, and played to packed houses in New York and Los Angeles. The US television network Adult Swim recently begain airing episodes.

In this interview, Noel and Julian speak about their crazed trufans (who craft outlandish, wonderfully nerdy costumes), why reviewers always think hallucinogenic drugs are involved in the show's creation -- and the guys kick things off with a Boing Boing crimp. What's a crimp? Watch and enjoy.

(Special thanks to Mark Kleiman and Stefanie Fletcher for their generous support of this Boing Boing Video interview series.)


  1. (Also, a minor thing–I must hate you now, for just a little while, because you got to hang out with them. Don’t worry, though. There will be pie after the hate.)

  2. I first saw the mighty boosh on I think BBC 2 late night, probably starting at about 1am. Lieing in bed half boozed up falling asleep. My initial reaction was it was an amzingly wacky, quite badly acted, original british comedy.

    And well, it was.

    I raved about it to my mates for ages but it took awhile to catch on and now its on my favorite web site.. it’s quite shocking how well its caught on over there.

    Here’s to more of the same!

  3. i didn’t know they were airing it in the US finally, nor did i know the dvds were coming out domestically.

    i love the boosh

  4. Godfuckingdammit their “tour” was too limited. Woulda killed to catch them in denver.
    I love those magnificent bastards.

  5. Isn’t Comic Con supposed to be for comicsbooks? The mission creep is really becoming noticable. Movies and TV should get their own Convention.

    Boosh is OK, but most of the BBC America lineup is a running joke as to how stupid yanks are; endless Absolutely Fabulous reruns. They can just regurgitate that forever and well keep watching. Some of the more gutsy stuff never gets shown. “Monkey Dust” the animated series was excellent, but never to be seen here.

  6. these guys are the bomb! Considering the majority of tv shows is focused on zero writing and mostly brain numbing reality crap, their sketches are hilarious and well written! I hope we in the good ole US of A get to see more of them…

  7. it was great meeting them. i got all of them to sign my back, unfortunately all the tattoo artist could save was the skull noel fielding drew. ive been in love ever since!

  8. Please please please tell me that there is more of the Crimp.
    I can’t wait for episode 2 :)
    And I’m doing my best to turn my friends on to the boosh too.

  9. I can’t wait for episodes 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,16, and 17 (I wish)

    If it was me I could talk to them for hours. I have been a fan for years here in the states and have been trying to turn people on to them. Amazing stuff.

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