Star Wars trash compactor bookends

Love these Star Wars trash compactor bookends, though, as Alice at Wonderland points out, that is emphatically not Luke's nose (either pre- or post-surgery).

Star Wars Trash Compactor Bookends Statue (via Wonderland)


  1. But wait, they look fine in the bottom photo, but when you actually use them to hold books together, they’re facing the wrong way… It’s not a trash compactor, it’s a book compactor!

  2. #3 – that’s just it – I’ve seen sock monkeys with more dynamic posing. On the Han side, both figures are leaning away from the wall!

    Diggin Luke’s honker, though.

  3. That’s Henry Winkler’s nose. This is a scene from the 1978 “Chewy Meets The Fonz” holiday special.

  4. Why are there DVDs for Episode I, II and III on this picture ? Everyone knows that these movies were never made … oh, I see, it’s just a filler because the bookends would look a bit ridiculous with only 3 DVDs to support ! Right ? Right !!!????

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