The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Atomic Radiation

 Adablog Wp-Content Uploads 2009 08 Guide Adafruit Industries spotted this fantastic book from 1964. There's one available on for $7, but probably not for long.


  1. i’d buy it for the cover art. but really, its just a bridget riley rip off, or at least highly inspired by bridget riley.

  2. I immediately saw the cover illustration as a woman’s breast and the guide to radiation, well…I haven’t looked it up to see what it’s really about. I guess the title and the illustration was like a Rorschach tet for me.

  3. this cover art exists (in slightly modified form) for another penguin book with radiation in the title. i don’t know the name off-hand, but it shouldn’t be hard to turn up.

  4. It probably deals with the fact that in 1959, radioactivity from above-ground testing fallout was increasingly being found in dairy and breast milk. Odd to think that a certain birth cohort will bear on their bones, long after they’re dead, a radioactive “tattoo” telling the world that they were born in the late 50’s….

  5. About Margot Bennett.

    She was a crime writer, and also wrote for television in the 60s. The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Atomic Radiation was one of the last books she published.

    Obviously, she knew too much.

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