Mark Dery: Post Mortem


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  1. wolfiesma says:

    Thank you for the intricately detailed and extremely well-written posts on such scintillating subjects. Sorry the pack turned a little ravenous and snarling at times. They’re just like that sometimes, especially with the guestbloggers.

    You should get a coffee mug or something that says, “I survived two weeks of guestblogging at boingboing.” It appears to be one of the most grueling rites of passage known to man. Congratulations! You passed!

  2. Tdawwg says:

    Of course, every wise crowd has at least one troll-tastic Master of His Own Domain, the all-knowing and tirelessly punctilious offspring of George Castanza and Felix Unger.

    It’s “Costanza,” as I’m sure you know, dearest M. Dery.

    Thanks for the blogging, it was incredibly interesting…. looking forward to the book.

  3. M. Dery says:

    @2: High praise indeed. Thanks!
    @4: Nice of you to say. Wasn’t familiar with that reference by name, although now that I follow your link, I realize I’ve seen his stuff on the cover of THE QUICK AND THE DEAD: ARTISTS AND ANATOMY, the catalogue for a wonderful exhibition, some years back. So, thanks a jillion.
    @9: I haven’t mentioned Crappy Taxidermy, but it’s a fun site. Would have liked to have dug deep into Baker’s notion of “botched taxidermy,” which he theorizes in depth in his writings on animal studies. What did it mean, I wonder (besides the obvious Gein-ian subtext), that Norman Bates was a taxidermist? Food for thought…

  4. Little John says:

    I have had great difficulty enjoying (or enduring) lengthy posts on BB in the past; I’m usually not in a lengthy-text mood when I’m tripping through the entries here. Previous guest bloggers have at times caused me to click away after only a paragraph or less, my eyes glazed as with Super Glue.

    However, you, sir, have managed to keep my attention and, further, fascinated me with your writing on topics I would never have said I had an interest in. Very well done. Thanks for your contributions.

    BTW: The link for Shovelware needs fixing (and I’m not sure I’ve done it correctly here). It currently appears to have two URLs grafted together. Grafted together in some hideous, unearthly fusion of protocols and top-level domains, infested with file directories and sub-directories and crawling with the waxen maggots of —

    Ah, but I’ve gotten carried away. I don’t know what happened to me.

  5. M. Dery says:

    @10: Very much appreciated. That Pinker thing really earned me some IED’s. They’re still fragging over in that comment thread. Glad to know a few of BB’s millions found my drive-by essays useful.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You missed the mummy museum at Palermo. How? I have no idea. Too mainstream?

  7. David Pescovitz says:

    (Shovelware URL fixed, my fault, thanks!)

  8. Piers W says:

    Thanks for your fascinating posts Mark.

    Are you aware of the extraordinary pioneering work in colour separated mezzotint in Gaultier D’Agoty’s anatomical prints? These are some of the earliest colour prints in existence.

  9. Piers W says:

    Oops. That should be ‘Gautier’ not ‘Gaultier’

  10. Anonymous says:

    Excellent analysis.

  11. M. Dery says:

    D’oh! My last, accidentally directed to just @10, was a shout-out to @10 and @12.

  12. Beanolini says:

    “botched taxidermy.”

    Has Crappy Taxidermy been mentioned here? It’s great (though some of it is far from crappy).

  13. wizardofplum says:

    Mark Dery- Castanza!Were you perhaps thinking of “significant shrinkage” as apropos?Felix Unger was the the nit-picking,anal retentive,neatnik? I wonder who on earth you are referring to.I tried the link to Shovelware,looks good,will continue to enjoy your posts.Thanks for your all too short visit.Look over your shoulder,Castanza’s doppelganger is watching you.

  14. Takuan says:

    who, of course, is also Duckman.

  15. wizardofplum says:

    #7-TAKUAN-Costanza-Jason Alexander-Duckman so swift and subtle.The characterization is spot on.So where is Cornfed Pig when you need him?

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