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14 Responses to “(BB Video) Mighty Boosh, pt 3: Slashfic, Boosh books, Eleanor's NORAD link”

  1. Rob Beschizza says:

    Awesome. I’m aghast that I’ve been missing this for so long.

  2. Xeni Jardin says:

    Heh, very cool Rob! I’m really looking forward to getting a copy of one or the other of the books, too. I believe there’s a paperback copy for review en route.

  3. Takuan says:

    these people are insane. More please.

  4. Xeni Jardin says:

    @Takuan, while this is the final interview segment, there’s one more BBV episode with the Boosh on the way. We shot some of their live performances while they were in the United States this summer, and will be presenting some brief excerpts from those performances. LOLs will be lolled.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for posting this! I LOVE THE BOOSH!!!! This interview series made my month extra awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of their book!

  6. Powell says:

    Xeni, these are great. Thanks so much for doing these interviews and posting them.
    Long live the Boosh!

  7. Takuan says:

    could it be?…is it time? is the Boosh Nation aborning?

  8. Stefan Jones says:

    #7: Yes, but you have to have an eel up inside ya to join.

  9. Spencer Cross says:

    Here’s a link to the Chelsea Lately interview that they reference in the end of the BBV clip:


    Doesn’t seem so bad to me. I thought the Boosh handled her with aplomb.

  10. Clumpy says:

    When doing a search for the reason behind the addition of Bollo’s moving jaw partway through the series, I found GARY NUMAN/BOLLO SLASH FICTION. Quite terrifying, actually, though hilarious enough in concept.

  11. IWood says:

    Whoops. Looks like Neil’s i-did-a-buncha-drugs confessional kinda thing resulted in the Beeb booting him from Buzzcocks.

    Ah, well. More time for Boosh then!

    /keep back, i know wang chung

  12. Fang Xianfu says:

    #9 – thanks for linking that!

    “You have SEEN a bush right?”
    “No, never! Someone showed me a drawing of one once.”

    “Have you guys ever heard of Nicaragua?”
    “Yeah, ’cause we were schooled in England.”

  13. blueworld says:

    Slash fiction refers specifically to male/male romantic fanfiction.