Afghanistan: reporters ignore gov's threats and censorship orders on election eve


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  1. j9drost says:

    My brother and a friend of his are illustrators who worked on the “Your Voice. Your Vote.” manual for the elections.

    “25-page manual designed for instructors teaching adult learners about issues, candidates, and appraisal of elected officials’ performance.”

    You can find it, along with other election materials, here:

  2. Takuan says:

    just a sample of what would have happened with a third Cheney term.

  3. teapot says:

    I believe the Afghan authorities are well within their rights to threaten members of the media if they have issued an order for information blackout prior to the elections.

    I love the mental image of the police pointing loaded guns at reporters… this should happen more often.

    Just because some a-hole brand-name reporter flew into Afghanistan yesterday to get their ‘big scoop’ on the elections doesn’t mean they can blatantly ignore rules and regulations. They are just gonna fly out a week later and forget everything – they feign compassion/interest, but really just want ratings.

    The media are (for the most part) scum. They don’t care about anything but themselves.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this just an extreme version of election day silence? The order sounds bizzare, but it sadly seems on par with the reality out there. They (the taliban ‘opposition’) don’t have to cook up some scandal story to sway the woters on election day, they can just make a bang.

  5. Phikus says:

    Free elections? Free press? Read the fine print.*

    (*-not free in any sense of the word.)

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