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  1. I became a Facebook friend of Molly, the girl who tries to convert her Indian friend to Christianity. I still can’t tell if it’s satire. If it is, I definitely need to be Molly’s friend. If not, Molly definitely needs to be MY friend. Girl needs some diversity influences, stat.

  2. It is fake.
    Its quite clever, really. The acting is terrible, but read her comments.
    “I assure you this is real as God himself”

  3. Also, the one YouTube account Molly has subscribed to is a bisexual video blogger. I think it’s brilliant satire.

  4. Regarding the “Metal Princess” — everyone is always so impressed with heavily distorted pentatonic crap. Tons of effects tend to conceal tons of sloppiness I find.

  5. Fake or real, I’ve tried to watch that “conversion” video several times, and every time she says “one regular and one Indian” I get so irritated I stop watching. Poe’s Law has never been truer.

  6. The texting while driving video should be remade into a “pay attention to the fucking road” video. It’s ridiculous to single out and trying to ban texting while driving, which is enormously useful when you need to get quick directions from Google and you can touch-text. Almost everything else you do while driving is a distraction, so you might as well outlaw putting on make up, drinking, eating, finding radio stations, etc. and even checking your mirrors!

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