Bang Bang Club


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  1. Anonymous says:

    While looking through the photos, an ad to come up to visit South Africa “no visa, no fee!”. Yeah, this may have been a long time ago but…still fail…

  2. gorilla says:

    I read this book years ago and it is truly one of the most powerful stories I have ever read. These guys took great risks to show the world what was unfolding in South Africa at the time and deserve our thanks for that.

  3. tkaraszewski says:

    That photo is pretty horrifying.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Boat shoes, Member’s Only jacket, machete.. That fellow is conflicted.

  5. Deacon says:

    Having read the book I am curious as to how they are going to pull this one off. The book was gory and harrowing – describing in detail situations the group of photographers found themselves in and what can and did go wrong.

    I must admit that when much younger I had some dreams of being a ‘war-photographer’ but having read the book I am not certain that I would have had the courage or mental strength to do the job.

    Let’s just hope that they do it justice, especially to the memory of Kevin Carter.

  6. wetzel says:

    Too much Xeni. Really horrible.

  7. Agile Cyborg says:

    Yeah, I’m finding this evening heading into the goddamn toilet real fucking fast. From Reddit’s Mentally-Challenged Man Beaten to Death to this.

    Christ, the heart of this planet has to bleed a rich broth of pure pain knowing that it breeds such deep evils.

  8. Mindpowered says:

    More photos from the Bang Bang Club

    It is only by witnessing horror that we get the strength to fight it.

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Takuan says:

    beware the lust of the eye

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. The Morgan says:

    Christ. Appalling.

  13. phillsmiff says:

    Don’t want to be a killjoy here, and I’m sure you have a righteous justification for it, but I really wasn’t planning on looking at a graphic photograph of a man being murdered quite so early in the morning.

    I’m not sure where I would file this in my directory of wonderful things, but well done for finding a place for it in yours.

  14. phisrow says:

    “with our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country”

  15. txdesign says:

    @ #15 Mojave,
    Dude you are not the only one that noticed this.
    What a FAIL for placement of the article!
    That just made my stomach churn.

  16. lennyd44 says:

    I initially thought this was an astrophysicist’s group…

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