HOWTO make a plush cell model

Instructables user ChrysN has a sweet plush cell model HOWTO up on the site. ChrysN suggests that this would be a great project for students assigned to produce a cell model.

Plush Cell Model (via Neatorama)


  1. It’s cute, all right, but not anatomically correct. You’d never find condensed chromosomes, a nucleolus, and paired centrioles in one cell, for example.

  2. In the 8th grade, our class made cell models out of jello. WAY harder to get to school on the bus. More than one gym bag was ruined that week. Cellular biology was never more delicious, however!

  3. ‘Cept the nucleolus would not be visible if the chromosomes were tightly wound – speaking of which the chromosomes would not be in anything other then lining up to be pulled apart by the telomeres. The mitochondria are mighty weak there too – not enough of a matric effect going on.

    Next need a plant cell…

    – Ethel

  4. gives me an idea, you know all those surplus saline breast implants that are kicking around as a result of economic down-sizing? You could make organelles out of sculpting clay and plastic…

  5. This would go very well with those dolls they make of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

    I wonder if there is a good way to make cell-like sculptures, with a maker-defined shape and visible objects in their interior. I haven’t come up with one, but it would be neat to be able to do.

  6. We used Cheerios and such, back in the day. And I seriously considered having my intro bio college students make a damn model out of Cheerios and M&M’s. Anything, anything, to get the little cretins to study!

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