Clock that knocks the time out on a water-filled vase


7 Responses to “Clock that knocks the time out on a water-filled vase”

  1. Alexsander says:

    @WA, it definitely looks a proof of concept of something already developed here
    and here


  2. dculberson says:

    Anonyman, Leaks lake a chap pace of shot?

  3. WA says:

    @3: I expect it’s a proof of concept? The idea itself seems sound, and it could be made into something that looked quite nice.

  4. ivan256 says:

    Finally a clock on BoingBoing that is pure unadulterated awesome.

    Only one flaw: You can’t buy one. :(

  5. nosehat says:

    Use with a very thin-walled vase for added hourly suspense.

  6. Anonymous says:

    For added fun, drip water into the vase to adjust the pitch each hour.

  7. Cicada says:

    “I thought it just rang four?”
    “No, it’s eleven, and we need a new vase and a mop”

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