Notes from the San Francisco Zine Fest: Sean Logic and The Great MySpace Swindle

Img 0143 Carla and I went to the 2009 San Francisco Zine Fest on Sunday. I was surprised to discover that the world of print zines is as vibrant and fun as it was back when bOING bOING was being published in the 80s and 90s.

I took photos of quite a few zine publishers who were in attendance, which I'll share with you over the next several days.

First up is Sean Logic, shown above. When I asked to take his photo, Sean covered his face with a copy of his one-shot zine, The Great MySpace Swindle, which is a griefer-lite account of how he set up a MySpace account pretending to be "Amber, a busty beautiful brunette who loved nothing more than to party and throw gang signs at the camera." The zine compiled all the responses to "Amber." Kind of a mean trick, but at least he didn't reveal the true names and accounts of the men who sent messages!

If you're interested in ordering a copy of The Great MySpace Swindle, send an email to I think it cost $2, but I can't remember for sure.